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Evidence in Prince William County Marijuana DUI Cases

Evidence in a Prince William County marijuana DUI case can be more complicated than an alcohol-related DUI because there are less standardized tests to show a marijuana DUI. A person is prosecuted to prove a marijuana DUI case by demonstrating driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.

A lawyer would also have to prove that a person showed signs of impairment or driving under the influence of drugs that would lead to issues like impairment.

The prosecution has to show that a person was operating a motor vehicle as well. They have to show that the person was operating a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana. “Under the influence” is often a questionable state because how much has to be in the person’s bloodstream to be under the influence is subjective. Also, how much marijuana must be taken in order to cause impairment in driving is also a difficult measure. Talk to a qualified Prince William County attorney for more on the subject.

Evidence in Marijuana vs. Alcohol DUI Cases

In alcohol-related cases, much of the evidence is based on the field sobriety tests, video footage, and the demeanor of the person. While marijuana cases are similar, it is more difficult to measure sobriety for marijuana cases. One way to challenge the evidence in a Prince William County marijuana case is to argue that there is a different meaning behind a person’s actions. For alcohol DUI cases, there are tests to show BAC: a preliminary breath test and a breathalyzer.

In marijuana cases, BAC does not indicate whether or not somebody is under the influence of marijuana or how much marijuana is in their bloodstream. Their BAC would be zero. A person is will need to have a blood test done in order to determine how much marijuana is in their bloodstream at the time if they are accused of marijuana DUI.

Additionally, in Maryland DUIs, the law does not define what indicates to the officer that marijuana is involved. An attorney can challenge field tests and whether or not they were administered correctly or appropriately.

Contacting a Seasoned DUI Attorney

It is important to contact a DUI lawyer who has familiarity with marijuana cases, specifically, because DUIs for marijuana are different and they have different approaches than DUIs for alcohol. The evidence in a Prince William County marijuana DUI case is different. Field sobriety tests do not apply as easily to marijuana DUI cases and there are no standardized testing for marijuana cases. That is an area that good criminal defense attorneys need to explore in order to provide a robust defense.

In addition to that, an attorney can challenge the blood-work that comes with a marijuana DUI case. A person needs to know about the process of taking blood for DUI purposes, many of which can be invalid. There are many motions that a person needs to file to potentially eliminate evidence that would normally be used for a DUI case, but that does not apply to a marijuana DUI case. Be informed and reassured with a qualified attorney by your side.

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