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Common Criminal Charges in Prince William County

Prince William County is a large county and has a large population and so, over the course of time, Prince William criminal defense attorneys see the whole gamut of criminal charges. But the ones seem to occur most commonly are DUI or DWI, drug charges, whether that involves simple misdemeanor possession of marijuana or more serious felony possession with intent to distribute or possession of schedule 1 or 2 drugs.

We also frequently see violent crimes including assault and batteries, domestic assault and batteries, domestic assault and batteries, unlawful woundings, and malicious woundings. We also frequently see property crimes including larceny, shoplifting, and in some cases embezzlement. There are also frequently charges that we categorize as sex charges, which can include indecent liberties with a minor, rape, solicitation of prostitution, and possession of child pornography.

Why These Charges Are Common

It varies between the types of offenses, but in general, some of them are common because they are easy mistakes to make. So for example, having one too many drinks at dinner can cause someone to very unintentionally be charged with a DUI. Some of them amount to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and still others reflect the difficult financial stresses and strains that people have been experiencing over the last many years.

Where Cases are Heard

If an individual is charged in Prince William County, their case will be heard in the Prince William County Judicial Center in Manassas in one of the Courts there: either the General District Court, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations General District court, or the Circuit court. And this is true whether they’re charged in the city of Manassas itself or in Prince William County.

Benefit of Hiring An Attorney

It’s essential to hire an aggressive Prince William County lawyer because you really need someone who is advocating for you and doing everything that they possibly can for you at every phase of the case. There are important steps which have to be taken prior to a case, important steps and things that must be done during the course of a trial, and in many cases, there are important things that must be done by an attorney subsequent to the trial.

If the attorney is not aggressive, then some of these things may be overlooked and, in overlooking them, they may miss out on an opportunity to either have charges be reduced, dismissed entirely or in some other way make a very positive impact on the case.

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