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Spotsylvania Robbery Trials

Spotsylvania robbery trials are not uncommon. Due to this, the prosecutors are reluctant to make a deal to reduce robbery to a lower charge. Often what happens is it ends up having to go to trial for their robbery charge.

Going to court for a robbery arrest can feel overwhelming without proper representation. It could be critical to speak with a savvy robbery attorney prior to your trial date.

How Harshly are Robbery Charges Tried?

One of the important things that an individual charged with robbery should know about going to court is how serious it is. Especially in situations where it is a person’s first offense, if they are convicted of a robbery charge, they face five years in prison to life. The mandatory minimum is five years.

It is open to the public, so whoever wants to observe it is allowed to visit it. The audience needs to compose itself in court, but they can be there watching throughout the entire proceeding.

Who Decides the Type of Trial?

In the State of Virginia, the prosecution and the defense have to waive their right to a jury to get a bench trial. If a defendant does not want a jury trial, but the prosecution wants a jury trial, there will be a jury trial. Both sides have to waive their right to a jury trial for there to be a bench trial. That is the case of all types of trials in Virginia. A person does not have the right to a jury trial the first time for misdemeanor offenses.

Understanding the Trial Process

Robbery cases are tried either by jury or by judge, depending on what the parties agree, what a person agrees, and what the Commonwealth’s attorney agrees. The timeline of Spotsylvania robbery trials could be one day or it could be multiple days. It depends on how many witnesses, what the evidence shows, and what the prosecution needs to present in a person’s particular case.


The Spotsylvania court has a very small field. It feels very local and colloquial, meaning that it feels like a person being accused of a crime in a very small community. It is an intimidating process compared to some of the other courthouses.

Things probably will not be resolved on the first court date unless it is a situation like mistaken identity, there is a very clear alibi defense, and the prosecution realizes that they got the wrong person.

Common Robbery Trial Duration

Spotsylvania robbery trials can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, depending on the severity of the robbery, the number of witnesses involved, and evidence to be presented. It could potentially be up to a couple of weeks, especially if it is more than a robbery charge, like a more serious injury charge or kidnapping charge to make it hostage. Robbery situations can escalate quickly and can get complex, depending on the situation.

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