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Spotsylvania Robbery Jury Trials

Someone charged with theft or robbery may have the chance to choose the kind of trial they have. Because robbery cases often involve some kind of weapon and intimidation, these cases should be handled with care.

This means the decision to go to trial with a jury should not be taken lightly. It can be critical to discuss their desired outcome with an experienced theft attorney before deciding on Spotsylvania robbery jury trials.

Understanding the Role of Robbery Jury Trials

In Virginia, the same individual who decides guilt or innocence also decides the punishment. If a person has a bench trial or a judge trial, that judge will decide the punishment. They might use the guidelines to decide how much time needs to be imposed, but it has a limitation on what they can or cannot impose inside or outside the guidelines, depending on the reasoning.

However, if juries are deciding guilt or innocence, they also get to decide the punishment. It applies in robbery. The punishment is five years to life. A jury can give somebody life in prison that may be under the guideline that the judge would only have given six or seven years.

What is the Jury Selection Timeline?

The judges typically do not like the jury selection process to take that long. The judges want to go forth within an hour and the judges are not shy about cutting someone off if they think that they are going above and beyond what they need to be doing for voir dire. There is a very hard line. They are allowed to explore whether or not a jury contains individuals who are biased, but at the same time, if the judge thinks that they are using their time in front of the jury to grandstand or to not grandstand, they are going to shut them down quickly.

How Could a Jury Impact the Outcome of a Trial?

Spotsylvania robbery jury trials impact the decision of guilt or innocence.  Based on the jury process, it has to unanimously vote to convict somebody. Depending on the personalities on the jury, some individuals may never able to come to an agreement on the evidence, depending on what the evidence is. This is referred to as a hung jury.

Can One Juror Make a Difference in Someone’s Case?

There are a lot of ways that a jury can impact a case in a specific defendant’s life. On the part of the defense attorney or prosecutor, connecting with certain jurors can have an extremely different outcome in somebody’s case. The impact that one juror can have, especially if there is just one juror convinced of innocence, all the jurors need to vote to convict. One person can be convinced of their innocence and that can sway the whole jury from entering a guilty convict.

Defining the Difference Between a Judge’s Impact

The effect of Spotsylvania robbery jury trials is huge. The idea is that people have discussed this and different things strike different people as important. They might decide the case on some small fact that nobody even thought was important.

Juries are human and that is the biggest difference between juries and judges who are human but make decisions regardless of their own opinions. Juries are used to not following the law; they are used to following their own feelings, opinions, and facts on things.

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