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In Spotsylvania, robbery is going to be defined similarly to theft but with additional elements. Robbery is going to be the felony version of theft and it is going to be charged if a person commits a theft but also commits a crime of violence or threatened violence. Robbery is basically going to be theft plus a crime of violence, or theft plus the threat of violence.

Because the charges are so serious as they are felonies, someone facing charges needs to work with a skilled Spotsylvania robbery lawyer. An individual needs a skilled theft attorney who is aggressive and who knows the statute and who knows the case law behind these offenses.

Proving Robbery

It always makes sense to have an attorney who has specific experience in the crime that an individual is charged with. Robbery is no exception and that is because the robbery statute is built off of the theft statute, but it is theft plus violence.

There are two sides that the prosecution has to prove, and they are the elements of theft and the additional element of use of violence or a threat of force or violence. What that means is that there are more elements to defend against. There are more places that a Spotsylvania robbery attorney can poke weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

An individual needs a skilled attorney who knows how to do that, who knows what weaknesses to look for, and who knows how to build a robust defense that attacks those weaknesses. An attorney who has done that before can leverage that against the prosecution in an individual’s case into perhaps a good deal for them. If the evidence is overwhelmingly against them, if what they are looking for is something less than robbery in a deal, then sometimes, the prosecution can use the weaknesses in a case.

Reaching a Plea Deal

If it is a strong enough case that the prosecution will win but there are enough weak points in it, a Spotsylvania robbery attorney might be able to work something out with the prosecution to plead to a lesser charge. But additionally, if a person has to go to trial, an attorney is not necessarily going to leverage it but they are just going to use it as a tool on the person’s behalf.

It certainly can be viewed as a negotiation with the jury as well because they are breaking apart the things that the jury is believing based on the prosecution’s case one by one.

If someone is giving the jury certain facts or certain holes, they are almost leveraging the case against them, against what they believe in, against the prosecution’s case in order to convince them to acquit, to find somebody not guilty. Leverage per se might not even be a negotiation, it might just be leverage into the reasonable doubt realm in front of the jury.

Contacting an Attorney

An individual needs somebody who is up to date on the law, who knows what is going on with robbery, who knows how it can be charged, who knows what the defenses are to it, and who knows what the prosecution has to prove.

A Spotsylvania robbery attorney is familiar with the law but also is aggressive and can help their client craft a robust defense based on their specific facts of their case.

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