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Spotsylvania County Robbery Arraignments  

Spotsylvania robbery arraignments can be difficult to understand at first. An arraignment is where a judge tells the person arrested what they are being charged with and asks them if they want to try to qualify for a court-appointed attorney or if they are going to hire an attorney. Then they set a next court date.

The judge does not do very much during an arraignment. They merely ask the person if they want an attorney appointed, if they have an attorney, or if they are trying to hire an attorney.

Sometimes at an arraignment a judge would make a bond determination. That is not usual because for a bond determination there is a prosecutor presenting their side and the defense attorney presenting their side. At the point, when a person gets to an arraignment, there has already been the initial bond determination by the judge. An accomplished Spotsylvania robbery lawyer has more information on the issue of arraignments.

Flight Risks and Dangers to the Public

A flight risk means that somebody tries to run away from a charge and does not show up on their court date. It is the likelihood of a person coming back to court to answer for the charges.

Danger to the community means that a person has many charges on their record and the judge has reason to believe, based on this charge or what they found on previous charges, that the person going to commit more crimes.

Sometimes the type of charge that a person has is so serious that they are always going to be considered a danger to the community, even if they do not have anything on their record like murder or robbery charges. It is going to be so serious that maybe no combination of factors would allow the person to be released, pending the court date.

Waiving the Arraignment in Spotsylvania

If the person is from out of state, is out on bond or bail, and has an arraignment where they need to come back and have the charges heard, the person might not be able to make it. Since the person is from out of state, an attorney can put in their appearance and waive the robbery arraignment in Spotsylvania. They would give notice to the judge that they know the charge is off and that the person knows what the charges are and understands the severity of the charges against them.

Then they can set the next court date so that way the person does not have to appear. That would mean the person does not have to travel. The person would take in court dates that work for the attorney. In most instances, the person does not have to spend an extra day in court when the person already knows what they are charged with. They do not need to have that repeated to them.

Where Robbery Arraignments Take Place in Spotsylvania

Arraignments in Spotsylvania are going to take place in the general district court or in juvenile and domestic relations court, depending on what court an individual is starting in.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can help in the arraignment stage in that they will be able to call the judge on the case and pick a court date. A lawyer cannot change anything other than that.

However, having a lawyer by a person’s side can be useful in terms of advice and guidance. It can be reassuring to have a knowledgeable resource during a stressful situation. Call an attorney today for more information.

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