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Spotsylvania Lawyer-Led Robbery Investigations

Robbery is a serious crime that can have severe consequences, especially if the accused is found to be in possession of a firearm. With the stakes so high, it is vital that you get in touch with an attorney. A lawyer can take the extra steps to build your case. For example, Spotsylvania lawyer-led robbery investigations can allow your lawyer to collect evidence that can bolster your case. If you have been charged with robbery, speak to a qualified robbery attorney that can investigate your case tirelessly, and can work diligently to build your case.

First Steps an Attorney Will Take in a Robbery Case

Spotsylvania lawyer-led robbery investigations have many steps and moving parts, which is why it is important to have a definitive approach to investigating a case. One of the first things that a lawyer will do when taking on a robbery case, is to get the accused’s account of events, either by having the accused write it out or by listening to the accused’s account and taking notes.

The next step would be tracking down witnesses, evidence,  police officers that were involved, trying to find out what the prosecution has against the defendant, which often includes things like alibi witnesses, video, DNA evidence and so on.

Using Evidence From the Investigation

Once an attorney has evidence, they can refute the prosecution’s evidence and arguments. They can do so by calling in expert witnesses, trying to find potential loopholes in the law, and investigating the credibility of a key witness.

There are so many things that defense attorneys look for in a robbery case that the initial consultation will probably involve the individual talking about what happened. From there, the investigation depends on the facts of the case. However, launching a thorough investigation of what the prosecution is going to bring is what is important.

Do Lawyers Always Handle Investigations Themselves?

Spotsylvania lawyer-led robbery investigations are not always handled by the defense attorney, but it also depends on the firm. Some attorneys and some firms have the attorney do the investigation. Some people hire private investigators. Typically, larger firms will hire investigators to investigate the really tough cases.

Some attorneys have good relationships with prosecutors, with judges, and with police officers so it might be helpful to have them investigate it directly. In instances where a witness might be particularly sensitive, it can help to have a compassionate lawyer investigate and speak with witnesses.

Contacting a Spotsylvania Robbery Lawyer

If you face charges for robbery in Spotsylvania, you need a qualified robbery lawyer that will be relentless, and, leave no stone uncovered. Spotsylvania lawyer-led robbery investigations give your attorney the opportunity to find evidence that law enforcement may have missed, or, evidence that points to potential investigative misconduct on behalf of the police. It is important that you work with a legal advocate that is extremely thorough because if they are not, the consequences could be very grave for you.

Spotsylvania juries are very harsh on robberies and Spotsylvania juries are notoriously asked to send somebody to prison for extremely long sentences in a situation where somebody is convicted of a robbery in Spotsylvania. Contact an attorney that understands the importance of the situation and can advocate for you.

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