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Restitution in Spotsylvania Robbery Cases 

Restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases refers to the amount of money that an alleged victim needs to be compensated, to be made whole. Cases involving restitution often involve an actual person who was injured during the course of a robbery. Sometimes it can refer to damages done to resources the officers are trying to use on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you have been charged with robbery, get in touch with an experienced and capable robbery attorney who can start building your case immediately.

Relationship Between Restitution and Robbery

Restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases often serves as an aspect of sentencing as a whole. In situations where somebody is convicted of robbery, a judge might order restitution as part of the sentence for a robbery charge. In other situations, it may be part of plea bargain. If somebody pays restitution that will go ahead and reduce the charge to something a little bit less.

Why Someone Would Be Ordered to Pay Restitution

Someone might have to pay restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases because they were ordered to do so by a judge. If they are convicted of robbery or they plead guilty to a robbery other times, people might pay restitution in order to get the advantage of a plea agreement. In order to have a favorable outcome with the prosecutor, they might have asked that they pay a certain amount.

It is not bribing if there was an injury that occurred that will help the alleged victim be okay with a lesser charge. Technically someone could consider the payment bribing. However, from the court’s perspective, it is the way to make the alleged victim whole without them suffering a loss in a severe accident. It gives the prosecution some type of reasoning to reduce the charge for a person or otherwise can give the benefit of a plea agreement.

How Larger Entities Pay Restitution Differently than Individuals

Large entities are often accused of a crime involving a violation of the law, but a large entity cannot be put in jail. Usually, large entities are not the recipient of a physical criminal charge. Usually, a specific person will have to pay restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases on behalf of the entity, but it is usually not going to be the entity itself involved in a criminal case.

Inability to Pay Restitution

If somebody cannot pay restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases and they are ordered to pay restitution, they need to make up a payment plan. If they cannot do that, the judge can give the individual more time to pay. However, if the judge does not give them more time to pay they will go back to jail or they will have a suspended sentence. If the money does not come from anywhere, a person waits on the money.

There are victim assistant funds to help someone who does not have money or the ability to secure compensation for the accuser. However, these are increasingly uncommon. If you have been charged with robbery and cannot afford to pay restitution, or you want to know more about restitution in robbery cases, speak with a Spotsylvania robbery attorney today.

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