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Circumstances of Restitution in Spotsylvania Robbery Cases 

Robbery offenses are serious charges that can lead to a felony conviction, especially if a firearm is involved. An individual might be imprisoned for a robbery charge, sometimes an individual might be ordered to pay restitution in Spotsylvania in order to compensate the accuser. If you face robbery charges. It is vital that you know about the consequences you may face.

If you want to know more about the circumstances of restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases, speak with a skilled robbery lawyer that can fight to build a solid defense for you.

Purpose of Restitution

Restitution is actually designed to right a wrong so some type of monetary value has been put on the injury that a person received, whether it be because the car was totaled and stolen or because the person was injured and had to pay medical expenses.

There are some types of monetary value on the injury a person received and because of that, restitution is ordered. In situations where there is no injury, or somebody was not injured at all where maybe it was technically illegal under the law but there was not any type of injury, that is something that restitution would be appropriate for.

Is Restitution Mandatory?

Restitution is rarely mandatory. A judge can always impose restitution but it is not simply mandatory in relation to any charge. There are certain cases where restitution is not necessary; no matter how much money somebody pays, it is not going to make the victim whole.

For example, in a robbery case where a victim suffered no injuries and there is nothing that was lost permanently, restitution is not going to help because it is not going to counteract anything because there is no loss.

In that situation, it would not be appropriate. A person cannot pay the victim money and make him go away, which comes back to bribing because a person cannot pay somebody money to make them go away.

Restitution to Large Entities

The circumstances of restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases, specifically with regards to larger entities, differs from restitution to individuals. However, the restitution process and purpose is still the same. There might be a big business or even a government entity that needs to be paid back. Restitution operates under the exact same principle. If they a large entity has collectively been victimized, then the amount of money should go back to them to make them whole.

An example of restitution to a large entity would be if the police were involved in a high-speed car chase and one of their vehicles was damaged. The amount of money that needs to be paid to fix that vehicle, or the overtime potentially owed to the police if they had to work overtime, would be included in the restitution amount.

Restitution as a Condition of Probation

When it comes to the circumstances of restitution in Spotsylvania robbery cases as they relate to probation, it depends on the specifics of the case, and how the judge chooses to sentence. Restitution can be a condition of probation in that probation requires a person to do whatever a sentencing order asks them to do. Sometimes the sentencing order asks a person to pay court costs and fines, then that same sentencing order asks them to pay restitution. Sometimes, sentencing order asks them to attend to some types of drug classes or alcohol or shoplifting classes or anger management classes.

All of those are part of a sentencing order that ties into probation since if a person does not comply with any part of that sentencing order, they violate the conditions of the probation. If a person does not pay restitution and they are ordered to, they are violating conditions of their probation and they could go back for all or part of their prison time if they have a suspended sentencing over their head. If you want to know more about restitution and the circumstances of restitution in robbery cases, do not hesitate to get in touch with an adept robbery attorney today.

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