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Restitution Process in Spotsylvania Robbery Cases

Restitution refers to the amount of money that is paid by the defendant to their accuser. Restitution in Spotsylvania might be a lump sum check, it could be if somebody does not have the money to pay it all at once, it could be a payment plan for restitution but it is always a set amount that either is set by the court, the prosecutor, or the alleged victim that the individual will have to pay.

The restitution process in Spotsylvania robbery cases can be complicated, which is why it helps to consult a knowledgeable robbery attorney that can guide you through the process, and answer any questions you may have.

Paying Restitution on the Accused’s Behalf

Contrary to what many believe, people can pay restitution on behalf of others. While it might seem counter to the point of paying restitution, it does not matter much to the court. Once the court orders it, all that matter is that it gets paid.

If someone does not have money, but they have a family member that is willing to pay restitution for them, the family member can do so. Somebody else can always step in and pay but the person accused of robbery still is going to be responsible and will ultimately face any sentencing consequences if they do not comply.

Purpose of Restitution as Punishment

The whole point of sentencing is to try to find something that is just in relation to the crime so behind sentencing, the idea is that the person’s punishment should be proportionate to the crime and part of that is their punishment should be proportionate to what the alleged victim suffered. The restitution process in Spotsylvania robbery cases is primarily concerned with making the alleged victim whole.

In instances where restitution is ordered when the judge, the court, or prosecutor finds that the alleged victim suffered a certain amount that can be monetized. Because of that, they order them to pay that amount in order to make that person whole and in order to make it so that that person was just as well off as they were before the crime occurred.

Purpose of Punitive Justice

The idea of restitution is a little bit different than the idea of punitive actions because punitive is to punish. If things like damages in court cases or punitive sentences are things that are still above and beyond the idea of restitution, above and beyond making the other person whole and into deterrents and keeping the individual who committed the crime from doing it again.

In some situations, punitive damages can give somebody months in jail to deter them from doing it again but that is to help restore the alleged victim to the point that they were before the crime.

Combining Punitive and Restorative Justice

The restitution process in Spotsylvania robbery cases is seldom the only punishment that a defendant might face. In situations where restitution is ordered, it is usually combined with some type of punitive sentencing or sometimes punitive action by the judge in order to both deter and make the alleged victim whole.

It is usually not just one or the other although it can be in circumstances where maybe punitive punishment would not be as effective or is not necessary in a certain case once the restitution has been made.

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