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Building a Defense For Robbery Charges in Spotsylvania County

Robbery charges are serious aggravated theft offenses that will require strong defense strategies in order to avoid conviction. Spotsylvania robbery defenses need to be well established with effective evidence, making it important that an experienced robbery attorney is consulted as soon as possible to get started.

Gathering Evidence

When somebody is defending a robbery charge in Spotsylvania, they are going to need to compile certain information. They are going to need to know everything that happened in the case. Whatever a person can remember from the event is always a good place to start.

From there, a robbery attorney will want to know what evidence the prosecution is going to use to build a case against the person. If there is some type of video, or if there are witnesses. They will want to know exactly what the prosecution has as evidence on the element of theft, and on the element of intention to permanently deprive.

Then, there has to be the additional crime of violence or threat of violence that goes along with it. For each one of those elements in a Spotsylvania robbery defense, an attorney needs to see what the prosecution’s information is.

Preparing a Defense

Once they get a look at that evidence, the defense attorney is also going to need any statements in a person’s defense or any evidence in their defense, and that could be alibis. It could be other witnesses that are potentially helpful to the defense.

It could certainly be video surveillance from the store itself or from the location that it was at or from people’s phones that would show that there was not a crime of violence involved. Depending on what an individual’s actual actions were, maybe it is not defined as a crime of violence under Virginia law.

There are certain things that an individual’s attorney is going to be able to pull apart and help them with in preparing for the defense, but it is going to depend specifically on the facts of the case.

Maintaining Evidence

When someone contacts an attorney about building their robbery defense in Spotsylvania, they should have all the information available that they can think of. They are going to want to know what they remember about the incident. They are going to need to recount if they remember seeing witnesses or cameras, all these details about who was around. If they have co-defendants involved, to what extent the co-defendant was involved and their criminal background. They are going to need to know everything about an individual’s criminal background and whether they have been through this process before and what happened with that.

Then, additionally, they will need to know things that could help mitigate the situation. What they do for the community, giving back, all of these things are things that somebody needs to know in order to properly defend them. They should have that ready even before they call an attorney.

Working with an Attorney

Somebody should consider hiring a lawyer when charged with robbery because local lawyers are going to know the practice and the typical outcome for that charge in that jurisdiction. In Spotsylvania, they are going to have a different type of jury than another county might have.

An attorney who is local is going to be able to know what the jury may do in Spotsylvania with the various facts in the Spotsylvania robbery defense. It is going to give an individual’s attorney an advantage when they are working on their case and when they are preparing a defense.

If somebody is from a different jurisdiction, they might know the law in Virginia but they are not going to know all the quirks that come along with specific local practice. That is why a person needs a local attorney to build their defense for robbery charges in Spotsylvania.

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