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Expert Witnesses in Spotsylvania Robbery Cases

No defense is complete without the presence of solid evidence. However, it can sometimes be difficult to explain or establish the importance of evidence, which is why expert witnesses are so important.

Expert witnesses in Spotsylvania robbery cases cannot only interpret bits of information for the jury, they can also validate the importance of a crucial piece of evidence, or can cast doubt on the validity of the prosecution’s evidence. Expert witnesses can play a vital role in criminal cases which is why you should contact an experienced and well-connected lawyer contact an expert witness on your behalf, and build your case. Contact an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

How Expert Witnesses Can Add to the Effectiveness of Forensic Evidence

Experts can explain what the forensic evidence in a Spotsylvania robbery case means. When the evidence is being interpreted by somebody who has the expertise and the ability to say, that a particular bit of evidence checks out, it helps the jury understand what is being presented to them. If an expert does not guide the jury or if the prosecution’s expert only guides them then they are going to lean the way the expert tells them with no competing theories.

Role of Expert Witnesses

An expert for the defense cannot only help to refute what the prosecution is presenting but it can also help explain confusing theories. The analysis of DNA evidence is not as straightforward as many believe. If the person analyzing the evidence made a mistake, it is vital that an expert witness explain why that type of mistake is so crucial.

How Expert Witnesses Help the Jury

A lot of times, people who are on a jury, for example, do not have any exposure to evidence and its pitfalls, beyond what they have seen on television. Because of this lack of knowledge, the jury might not question the validity of the evidence, how it was collected, how it was entered, and so on, because they take it as a given that all evidence is inherently valid and infallible.

However, these are all things that a jury needs to know to be able to fairly consider a case and that often can only occur if the defense provides somebody who can tell them this  which, in the case of a criminal court case, must be an expert, must be somebody with expertise, experience, and training in their field.

Collaboration Between Lawyers and Experts

For physical evidence, most criminal defense attorneys turn to expert witnesses in Spotsylvania robbery cases. An expert would come in and take a look at the evidence collected in the case,  and t analyze what the evidence shows in a particular situation.

Then from there, an expert would be able to tell the defense whether or not they need to testify or what they would be able to testify to and the defense attorney would be able to decide whether or not they need to use that expert. In a case where DNA evidence played a vital role, the attorney might find themselves wondering a couple of things like:

  • Does the DNA match
  • Do the fingerprints match and if  they match, to what extent do they match
  • Are the ridges aligned
  • Is it the same type of fingerprint
  • How did they get the fingerprints or the client in the first place
  • Were they legally obtained

There are so many avenues for each type of physical evidence that can be challenged.

Value of a Robbery Lawyer

After being charged, one of the first things you should do is get in contact with a capable robbery lawyer. Your attorney can examine the evidence and the facts of your case, and attempt to build your case.

Expert witnesses in Spotsylvania robbery cases can often bolster your defense because they bestow an air of credibility on you and your defense team. Furthermore, they can work with your skilled lawyer in order to contest and poke holes in the prosecutor’s argument. If you want to know more, get in touch with a Spotsylvania criminal defense attorney today.

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