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Spotsylvania County Robbery Charges 

Individuals can be charged with robbery in Spotsylvania in many different ways. They can be charged under the robbery statute any time there is theft or taking from a person and the use of force or threats of force is involved. Spotsylvania robbery charges can be very serious. It is important to contact a qualified robbery lawyer during these circumstances.

Common Spotsylvania Robbery Charges

Sometimes people are charged with just robbery. Robbery is charged when somebody holds up a cashier, gas station, or bank. Carjacking is another common instance where somebody takes the vehicle from an individual by using some type of weapon or threat of force.

Attempt or Conspiracy to Commit Robbery

Spotsylvania robbery charges can also include attempt or conspiracy to commit robbery. Attempt or conspiracy charges are charges for the action that did not happen, so there was no completion. Somebody might be charged with both attempted robbery and robbery, but they can only be convicted of one.

Attempt would be when an individual does an act in furtherance of the act of robbery. Conspiracy is when two or more people with a common plan or scheme take an act in furtherance of the attempt to commit the act of robbery. For both charges, an individual does not have to complete the offense – attempting to do it is enough.

Circumstances of Attempt and Underlying Offense

Somebody can be charged with attempt and the underlying offense in any situation where the government wants to double down. They can be doubly charged if they take an act in furtherance of the offense. The government can focus on one or the other when going to trial.  However, a person cannot be convicted of both attempt and the completed robbery.

Building Cases

Prosecutors use robbery crimes when building cases to force someone into plea offers. They are often going to try to get people to take a plea agreement.

They try to force people into plea deals because it is easier to prove the intent than it is to prove the actual offense. Therefore, they will charge people. It is a kind of double-down so that they can ensure that they will get a conviction either way. If they cannot make it as far as the offense, they will charge with attempt or conspiracy.

Indictments in Spotsylvania Robbery Charges

A person will be indicted before being arrested if the case is brought to a grand jury by the prosecution to establish the probable cause for the indictment. This will happen when there is an ongoing investigation before a person is actually charged. An arrest warrant will accompany the indictment once the grand jury approves the indictment.

Hiring a Lawyer

When somebody is facing Spotsylvania robbery charges, the most important thing to do is to immediately call an attorney and not talk to the police. If an individual has not been arrested yet, has been arrested, or has a case coming up, they need to call an attorney so they can start doing damage control.

Robbery is extremely serious. A robbery offense could be five years to life in prison as a potential consequence. A person needs to get an attorney as soon as possible.

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