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Spotsylvania County Robbery Arrests

The Spotsylvania robbery arrest process is one that a person should know about when encountering a robbery situation. Robbery arrests typically take place either at the scene of the crime or afterward. When the individual is tracked down, usually police respond and they can be armed.

It can be an intense interaction, it is not usually a situation where an individual turns themselves in, unless there is a warrant out, it is on the news, or an attorney advises them to do so. Consult with an experienced robbery attorney for more on what the process might look like.

Circumstances of Surrendering

A Spotsylvania robbery arrest can have varying circumstances of surrender. A person might be more likely to get a bond If there is a warrant out, if it is an egregious robbery, or if it is a situation where an individual turns themselves in.

Robbery is a crime where the judges have a presumption against bond. It is assumed that the person will not get bond. It the attorney’s responsibility to argue why the person should potentially get a bond and overcome that presumption.

If an individual is on the run and law enforcement is not able to get a hold of the person except by force and by tracking them down, a judge is less likely to release the person, fearing that they will not come back to court. Therefore, if a person turns themselves in, it could potentially help them get bond when they otherwise might not be eligible.

Robbery Offense Indictment

An arrest warrant will accompany an indictment. The police will attempt to find the defendant at their last known address or through investigative methods to determine their whereabouts.


Arrest Process

When a person is arrested for a robbery charge and taken in, the person will begin booking. They will fingerprint the person, get the person’s information, and lock the person up. The person can call an attorney at some point. Eventually, the person will be arraigned, and they will get in front of a magistrate judge who is going to decide whether or not the person could have bond. Usually, the person will not get it because there is a presumption against bond for robbery charges. The person will be held and the person’s attorney will help set a bond motion and try to convince the judge to get out on bond.

If the person cannot get out on bond, the person will need a lot of money to bond them out. They should not make any comments to the officers who are arresting them. The person can try to explain, but they should call an attorney as soon as they can.

Contacting an Attorney

Somebody can contact an attorney as soon as they are able to access a phone. Cellphones are confiscated and investigated, so that time is going to vary depending on jail. It depends on the jail, how busy circumstances are, and how long it takes to process the person. In a Spotsylvania robbery arrest process, the person will usually get it that same day, but it is not a guarantee.

Individuals suspected of robbery are treated like criminals when they are being apprehended. Robbery suspects are considered especially dangerous, so it is important to talk to a qualified robbery lawyer as soon as possible.

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