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A conspiracy involves an agreement between one or more persons to commit a crime where everyone in a conspiracy has the intent to complete the crime and at least one person in the conspiracy takes an actual substantial step towards the completion of the actual crime. A Stafford County conspiracy lawyer knows the processes of the case and how to fight them and can assist in mitigating the damage of the offense and preparing those charged for what to expect. To learn more or get started on your defense, contact an experienced attorney today to learn more.

How Conspiracy is Charged

Conspiracy is most typically charged as an add-on when there has been some other completed charge. Often, there will be either a larceny or sometimes a violent crime and in addition to the actual crime itself, there will be conspiracy charge because the agreement to commit that crime is someone else is actually an independent crime in addition to the completed crime.

Overt Acts in Conspiracy Cases

An overt act is when a person acts in furtherance of a crime. Someone in the conspiracy has to complete an overt act in order for the conspiracy charge to be successful. It is not enough to simply agree. There has to be an action to accomplish the crime and that is what is being referred to when discussing an overt act. Talk to a Stafford conspiracy lawyer for more information.

Circumstances of Underlying Offense

A person can be charged with conspiracy and the underlying offense any time there was an agreement between the defendant and anyone else to complete the underlying offense. If there was no agreement, if an underlying offense was completed by an individual alone, there is not going to be a conspiracy charge. When there is an agreement and a completed crime, conspiracy can always be charged.

Unjust Accusations of Conspiracy

One of the ways people can find themselves unjustly charged with conspiracy is when someone else is charged with a completed crime and is looking to improve their own position or save their own skin by implicating others. Under those circumstances, one of the things they will sometimes do is call the police and tell them that there were other people involved in the commission of that crime who agreed to assist with it or who were involved in the planning. They will essentially manufacture evidence against other people by saying that they were not involved in some way when, often, that is not the case.

Qualities to Look for in a Stafford County Conspiracy Lawyer

Stafford County conspiracy lawyers have experience in conspiracy cases. They have years of practice. They have handled these cases and other serious cases before, and they need to have spent plenty of time in the courtroom. Experience can help a person avoid serious penalties from a conspiracy charge.

In addition to that, it is important to have local experience and local knowledge. A local lawyer knows the judge, the prosecutor, and the police who are all are going to be different case to case. Each of their tendencies, their thought processes, and the particularities of each may be a critical factor in defending the case. Knowing who everyone is and how best to exploit that can be the difference in a case that it is critically important that a lawyer be familiar with them. Consult with a Stafford conspiracy lawyer today.

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