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Stafford County Conspiracy Investigation 

Conspiracy cases in Stafford County are investigated by police. In most cases, they will look for evidence of a conspiracy itself, communications, and whether there is evidence of communication through text, telephone, or email. Law enforcement will search for co-conspirators, especially one that might testify against the others. Police work diligently to find evidence against the defendant. However, with a skilled legal representative in the form a conspiracy lawyer, a person is well-equipped to handle the case.

Law Enforcement Agencies Involved

Federal law enforcement can be involved in conspiracy investigations in Stafford County, including the FBI in certain cases. State law enforcement can also be involved including the Virginia state police as well as local law enforcement such as county police or sheriff’s offices.

Tools and Tactics in Conspiracy Cases

One thing that is unique in conspiracy investigations is that it is in many ways a word of crime. In other words, in addition to the actions involved, it is important that the government establishes exactly what words were spoken between the accused conspirators.

Law Enforcement and Employment

If the alleged conspiracy involves an individual’s employer, it is highly possible that law enforcement will communicate with that employer as part of their investigation in an attempt to collect evidence. If that is not the case, then it would be unusual for police to be in touch with an employer over a conspiracy investigation in Stafford.

Likelihood of Release on Bail

Whether a person is going to be released during dependency of their conspiracy case depends on what the underlying offense is. There are two kinds of charges in Virginia: one is a charge where the court will presume that a person should be admitted to bail unless the government can prove that they should not be, and second are the kind of charges where a judge is going to keep a person from getting bail unless there is good evidence that they should get bailed.

This is true for conspiracy cases as well. For example, murder is a case where there is a presumption against harm. Similarly, there is a presumption against harm in a conspiracy to commit murder case. On the other hand, a grand larceny is a charge where there is a presumption in favor of a bond. Similarly, conspiracy to commit larceny will be a situation where there is a presumption in favor of bond and likelihood that a person will receive bond.

Important Factors in Conspiracy Investigations

The primary factors that come into a conspiracy case are 1) the seriousness of the charge and 2) the damage done to the other party. A person is ultimately charged with how the case displays these factors.

Elements Proven by Prosecution

The prosecution in a conspiracy case has to prove that there was an agreement between one or more co-conspirators to commit a crime that they shared the criminal intent to accomplish that crime. At least one of them committed an act or took a substantial step towards the completion of that crime. For more information on conspiracy investigations in Stafford County, contact a professional attorney today.

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