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Nighttime Virginia Beach DUI Traffic Stops

Sometimes, people are concerned with their own safety when they are pulled over by police at night. During the nighttime, it is easier to be hit on the side of the road by other vehicles if they cannot see as well in the darkness. People are also wary about stopping in a secluded area in general. At night, it is okay to drive a little bit further to get somewhere that’s well-lit for your own safety or somewhere that is more populated like somewhere near a gas station or just a more populated area.

Should it become clear that the officer that has pulled you over suspects you are under the influence of alcohol, you should contact a DUI lawyer in Virginia Beach as soon as you can. Having an attorney by your side will be very valuable in ensuring your constitutional rights are not violated and that you don’t unintentionally incriminate yourself.

When Pulled Over at Night in Virginia Beach

You should roll down your window enough to pass documents through. You should roll down your window enough to be able to pass documents and communicate with the officer and you should avoid any sudden movements that are going to make you look suspicious. You should not be reaching around in your vehicle for anything until the officer asks you to do so.

When he asks you for your registration, then at this point, it is okay for you to reach into the glove box. However, before then your hands should remain on the steering wheel. You should leave your vehicle running so that if you have any mechanical issues with it, it will not be an issue about starting up again and be able to leave.

If you are pulled over during the night, then all steps are exactly the same as a daytime stop. The biggest discernible difference is that sometimes, it is wise just to turn on the interior light because it shows the officer that you do not have anything to hide and it puts him at ease because he can see you better instead of having to hold a flashlight in your face to see what you’re doing or saying.

Questions to Expect

At this point, you can expect that the Virginia Beach police officer is going to ask you some questions. This is when it becomes really clear what exactly it is that he is pulling you over for. They will ask you something related to the stop generally, like why were you driving that fast or how much have you had to drink tonight and noticed that you were swerving or something along those lines.

The only information that you need to give the officer is your personal background information like your name and your registration and your insurance card. You do not have to answer any questions related to the incident. It is really better if you just tell the officer, “I wish to remain cooperative, but I do not want to answer questions related to the stop.”

After Giving Police Your License and Registration

Following the preliminary questions, the officer generally takes your insurance, license and registration back to his cruiser where he runs you through the system. You should just remain in your vehicle patiently waiting while he either is writing you ticket for whatever he stopped you for, looking up any warrants you may have or deciding what exactly he is going to do with you. Then the officer will come back to your vehicle and the next step will be pretty clear based on what his decision is at that time.

The likely outcomes are that he will give you a ticket and then you can just go on your way, or if he suspects you of driving under the influence, he may ask you if you are willing to perform a field sobriety test. If you are asked to perform a field sobriety test, you should refuse and get in contact with your Virginia Beach DUI attorney right away.

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