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In Virginia Beach, traffic cases can be very serious and a local lawyer can help someone who is charged with a traffic offense to understand exactly what they are facing. A Virginia Beach traffic lawyer can also show their client what their options are going forward, and give them the best possible chance to get a good outcome in their case.

Types of Traffic Offenses in Virginia Beach

In Virginia Beach an example of a minor traffic offense could be driving with tinted windows, driving without a license, or speeding. Examples of major traffic offenses in Virginia Beach are reckless driving or driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.

In Virginia Beach, the difference between a traffic infraction and a misdemeanor or a felony traffic offense has to do with the punishment as well as the seriousness of the offense. An infraction is not punishable by jail time and a conviction will result in just a simple fine. This will also affect somebody’s driving record but over time the conviction as well as the points on the driving records will completely disappear.

In contrast, misdemeanors and felonies are both criminal charges. A conviction is punishable by incarceration, with jail time being a possibility for misdemeanors and penitentiary time being a possibility for felonies. In these cases it is particularly important to have the aid of a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer who can help to avoid or mitigate these penalties. These charges also have an effect on driving records which will disappear over time. In addition, they affect criminal records which will remain with somebody for the rest of their life and can have an impact on future employment, ability to obtain housing, student loans and a whole number of things.

Impact of Penalties from Traffic Charges

Police officers in Virginia Beach are very vigilant about traffic offenses, partially because of the area’s reputation as a tourist destination. If someone is convicted of a criminal charge then it is possible that they can face some jail time. Losing freedom for any period of time is a pretty big deal and most people rightfully want to avoid that outcome. Someone convicted of a criminal traffic charge will also face pretty hefty fines. Depending on what the charges are, and the seriousness of the offense, the individual’s driving privileges could also be at stake. Someone who accumulates too many points on their driving records is going to have their license suspended by the DMV, as well.

A criminal conviction can also have an effect on any situation in which there will be a background check involved such as future employment, obtaining housing, student loans and future opportunities.

The Role of an Attorney in a Serious Traffic Case

A serious traffic attorney in Virginia Beach is there to help anyone charged with a traffic offense to prepare as early as possible to get a good results for their case. They do this by going through all of the relevant evidence for their client’s case, and preparing them for their trial. A lawyer will also know how to properly introduce evidence and how to provide a strong cross examination of the other side so that there can be reasonable doubt cast on the allegations.

Having an attorney is crucial because it can sometimes be the difference between a conviction and a complete dismissal.

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