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Virginia Beach Uniform Demerit Point System

Virginia Beach uses a Uniform Demerit Point System to assess demerit points on driving records. Anyone licensed to drive in Virginia is subject to the Uniform Demerit Point System, which means that there are consequences for driving infractions and that there are also positive points for good driving behavior. Once demerit points have been assessed they cannot be challenged. However, a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer can fight the charges that lead to demerit points, and can advise on how to remove points once they have been assessed.

The Uniform Demerit Point System

The Department of Motor Vehicles has a particular number of points for each type of traffic offense. There is a long list of every infraction possible and how much each is worth in terms of points. The points remain on a person’s driving record for up to two years. The consequence of racking up too many points is that one’s driver’s license becomes suspended. Usually that happens to any driver who gets 18 points in one year or 24 points within two years.

In order for someone to get rid of points from their license they have to take Driver Improvement Classes voluntarily. This option is available every two years. This also will give them 5 positive points on their driving records. Or, they can receive one positive point for every year of good driving behavior where they have no convictions.

Challenging the Points Assessed to a License

Demerit points cannot be challenged. Someone with a traffic charge can only challenge the conviction that ultimately leads to the points. There is no negotiating the points. Once someone has a conviction it will inevitably lead to the points. The only thing that they can do to have these points removed is that they can volunteer to take a Driver Improvement Class and they can display good driving behavior.

With these actions the removal of points will happen automatically, there is no need for a special hearing.

Benefit of a Traffic Lawyer

An experienced local traffic lawyer can help someone avoid losing their driving privileges from the outset. Driving privileges are lost due to accumulation of too many points or due to certain convictions. If someone has an attorney on their side from the beginning, it is possible that they can avoid getting these convictions in the first place, or what would have been an ultimate conviction may become a reduction to a lesser charge, which leads to lesser points or no points at all.

If it is too late and someone has already received a conviction for their driving offenses, then it is still possible for a lawyer to help them by petitioning the court to get a restricted driver’s license. A restricted license will allow someone to drive to and from work, to and from school, or to and from religious services so that their driving privileges are not 100% compromised.

Fight Serious Traffic Charges

Someone facing serious traffic charges in Virginia Beach should get a lawyer as soon as possible. There are a lot of consequences that can come from serious traffic charges and a lawyer can help them figure out exactly what their options are and exactly what they are facing. Sometimes it is possible for a serious traffic charge to lead to jail time or a loss of driving privileges.

Impact on Out of State Drivers

Out of state drivers can definitely benefit from having a local lawyer represent them in Virginia Beach. If they are charged with a traffic ticket in Virginia and they are out of state, they essentially only have two options: prepay the fine online to avoid coming to Virginia, which is not a great option because then they essentially admit guilt to the charge, or come all the way back to the area and fight the charge in court, hoping to have it either reduced or dismissed.

If someone facing a traffic charge hires a local attorney they get the best of both worlds. They won’t have to come back to the area as the attorney can appear for them in court, and they also don’t throw away their opportunity to fight the case, which gives them the opportunity to have their traffic offense reduced or dismissed.

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