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If you have been arrested or if you have received notice of a disciplinary charge from your educational institution, call a Virginia student defense lawyer for representation and counsel regarding your administrative and/or criminal proceedings. En Español.

Many people are under the impression that those who are facing student disciplinary charges will be subject to a system that closely mirrors the United States criminal justice system—particularly regarding defendants’ rights and due process. However, in many situations, this just is not true.

Protect yourself or your loved one by working with a criminal defense attorney who understands how these charges are handled by different institutions and can provide you with the advice you need to handle the charges proactively. Call an Attorney in Virginia today.

Do You Need a Defense Attorney?

Academic charges, allegations of plagiarism, and alcohol violations like underage drinking that do not typically involve criminal charges can often result in disciplinary charges. Appearing before a disciplinary committee at the college or university may not seem as serious as appearing before a judge in a Virginia courtroom, but the impact a disciplinary charge may have on your education should not be taken lightly.

  • In a criminal case, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution; it is their job to prove you did something wrong. However, in university conduct code violations, the burden is often reversed; you must prove you did not do something wrong.
  • While you are warned in an arrest that anything you say can and will be used against you in court, you may not be given this same warning in disciplinary hearings—but what you say to the disciplinary committee may be used against you not only in the campus case, but also in any potential criminal cases which may result.

Finding a student defense lawyer in Virginia allows you to defend yourself against disciplinary charges, while holding the institution accountable for preserving your rights. A disciplinary committee may not fully understand your rights, but your student defense lawyer in NoVa does, and he or she can work aggressively to protect them.

Outside of disciplinary charges, criminal charges can also be a very real possibility for charges such as cybercrimes or sexual assault. A Virginia student defense attorney with experience handling criminal charges can step in for your defense with both a university’s administration and the government.

Student Criminal Charges in Virginia

Many actions that violate a university’s code of conduct are also criminal offenses prohibited by Virginia state law. Common campus crimes include drug possession, DUI, assault, sexual assault, and gun or weapon charges. In these situations, a student defense lawyer who understands both university disciplinary hearings and criminal court proceedings can be an immeasurable ally.

If you are arrested off-campus, your college or university will be notified, and you will likely face both criminal and disciplinary charges. Having one lawyer to help you navigate both cases can streamline things and keep you from making mistakes in your on-campus hearing that might harm your chances for a successful outcome in your criminal proceedings.

Burden of Proof in NoVa Student Defense Cases

Just because an arrest does not lead to criminal charges, or charges are ultimately dismissed, does not mean that the related disciplinary case at the university will be dismissed. Because the university’s burden of proof is often much lighter than that of the state’s prosecutors, you may still be subject to disciplinary measures even though you have not been convicted of any crime.

Our student defense attorneys can guide you through every step of the process and defend you against all accusations and related disciplinary measures, including criminal charges, conduct code violations, and Title IX violations.

Student Defense Lawyers in Virginia

Every school’s conduct code is unique. Our student defense attorneys can evaluate you school’s code, criminal law, and your constitutional rights to create a defense against both on-campus and criminal allegations. If you or a loved one are facing student charges in Virginia, call our law offices to find out how we can help you.

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