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Drug Charges on Virginia College Campuses

While drug charges may not seem like serious offenses at first, they are taken very seriously on college campuses and may result in penalties such as suspension or even expulsion from school.

If you have been charged with anything involving drugs, contacting a Virginia student defense attorney is your best bet to get informed about the legal situation you now find yourself in and potentially mitigating any consequences you could be facing.

Most Common Drug Related Charges and How Each Is Unique

One very common offense on almost every college campus is possession of alcohol while underage. That is very different than possession of illegal drugs because possession of alcohol is only illegal if you are not old enough. Possession of illegal drugs however, is always illegal. Likewise, possession of prescription drugs without having a valid prescription is also illegal and commonly a felony offense.

Possession of a fake ID is also a common offense among college-aged people. This charge is very serious because it is a fraud offense, which means it is a crime involving moral turpitude and it has the potential to stick with you for the rest of your life if you are convicted. It can close doors on many employment opportunities because it looks like you are involved in fraudulent activity.

How Substances Related Charges Arise on College Campuses

Police patrol the campus just like the police patrol any other areas in the county or the town. It can be through traffic stops, or through investigations meaning that the campus police get a lead that there is drug dealing going on in a house and then they get search warrants to search the house which could lead to criminal charges.

It is very similar to off campus life except for the parties, the social circles, and the law enforcement officers that are involved. Generally a college campus is much more tight knit, which means it is easier for law enforcement to find out.

Consequences of Campus Substance Related Charges

There is a really low tolerance for substance abuse on most college campuses, especially if it is distribution or selling of illegal substances. If somebody is found to be simply in possession, then there are sanctions associated with that, but there are also some rehabilitative services that are offered and sometimes required of the person if they choose to remain on campus or choose to remain taking classes from the university.

Importance of A Student Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with any type of drug crime in Virginia you are likely facing serious penalties that threaten both your freedom and your academic career. As a result, it is important you put forth the strongest defense possible and do everything you can to minimize the harm of your charges.

By consulting with a Virginia student defense lawyer you are gaining an experienced advocate who can aid you in both criminal court and at student disciplinary hearings. To discuss your case and ensure your rights are protected call and schedule a consultation today.

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