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If you get a speeding ticket in Virginia, your car insurance costs could rise, you could get points on your license, and you could face fines. All of these undesirable outcomes happen if you simply pay the fine or if you fight conviction but are found to have violated the speed limit. En Español.

A Virginia speeding ticket lawyer will work hard to help you avoid conviction or minimize penalties associated with speeding. You deserve to fight for your clean record and to protect your license. Call a defense lawyer in Virginia as soon as possible if you are cited for speeding and get help with your case.

What is Speeding in Virginia

In Virginia, violations that are considered speeding include driving too fast for weather conditions, driving over the speed limit, failing to obey a highway sign or special speed limit zones, and general speeding. Not only can these types of violations result in a driving record conviction, but they also result in points on your license or go as far as resulting in a license suspension or revocation if the crimes continue.

Additionally, the state of Virginia takes speeding very seriously, and someone who is driving 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit will likely be charged with reckless driving, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Speed Limits Laws in Virginia

In Virginia, you can definitely be pulled over for going only five miles per hour over the limit. In general, police officers are not going to pay much mind to anyone who is driving below five miles per hour over the limit, but technically anything over the speed limit is a ticketable offense.

Something that people do not realize about speeding tickets in Virginia is the severity of how harsh the penalties can be for these types of charges. In Virginia, excessive speeds can be charged as reckless driving which is actually a criminal offense rather than just a traffic offense. Criminal offenses have more long term consequences than infractions; a criminal conviction remains on your criminal record permanently. It is also not possible to prepay a criminal charge at all, and instead you will be required to appear in court for your court date to answer to the charge.

How Law Enforcement Proves Speeding

Virginia law enforcement officers tell if you are speeding by using a variety of equipment. They monitor traffic using radar equipment, LIDAR equipment, speed traps, as well as traffic cameras. They can also pace a vehicle that they believe to be speeding, which is when they match the speed of the vehicle to determine the speed.

In Virginia, there are a variety of ways that the officer can prove that they are recording somebody’s vehicle speed. Usually officers use  equipment that is designed to record the speed.  With the equipment comes paperwork that shows that the equipment was calibrated for accuracy, which establishes the the reliability of the equipment readings.

Getting Pulled Over

What happens most of the time is that a police officer will detect that someone are speeding and pull them over. When you have been pulled over, you should be cooperative with the police officer during your interaction with them. You should behave respectfully and avoid antagonizing the police officer. The process is usually pretty quick.

After speaking with police and being issued a ticket, get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in the area as soon as possible if you are interested in challenging the ticket and keeping your driving record clean.

Out-of-State Drivers

People who have received speeding tickets while just passing through Virginia should seek the help of an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in the area. It can be a hassle to travel back to Virginia if you live out-of-state and a lawyer from the area can challenge a speeding ticket on your behalf. This saves you the trouble from making a potential long journey back to Virginia.

How a Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorney Can Help You

There are defenses you can raise when charged with speeding. You can also try to introduce doubts about whether the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to prove you exceeded the posted limit and broke the law. Police are not always 100 percent accurate in judging your speed and technology like radar is imperfect and can fail. Make sure to hire an experienced Virginia speeding attorney and work in conjunction with them to build a strong defense.

You do not have to prove you are innocent of a speeding violation. If you can make it impossible to prove you went too fast, you should be found not guilty of the traffic offense.

Even a simple speeding ticket could disqualify you from some jobs and could make your insurance costs much higher. Don’t just pay your ticket- fight for your clean driving record. Call a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer today for help and find out what options you may have if you have a been cited for a speeding related offense in Virginia. Your attorney will help you to prepare your case for traffic court so you can fight the ticket or can also help you try to explore options for reducing penalties, fines and other consequences if you do not want to challenge the citation.

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