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First Thing To Do After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Virginia

In Virginia, speeding tickets are very common particularly because there is a lot of traffic in the state. Police officers oftentimes will wait for speeding vehicles on roads that they know to be prone to traffic especially during rush hour. There are some areas with lower than expected limits, which many drivers often speed on. On these types of roads it is not uncommon for police officers to have speed traps where they wait, usually hidden, for speeders to pass so that they can pull them over.

This page gives individuals a basic overview of what to expect from speeding ticket cases in Virginia, particularly regarding the ticketing process, out-of-state-drivers, and finding a lawyer.  However, if you have other questions about the speeding ticket process, please get in touch with a speeding ticket attorney in Virginia.

First Steps in Virginia Speeding Ticket Cases

If you are convicted of a speeding violation in Virginia you should expect to receive demerit points on your driving record, as well as a conviction, which could cause an increase in your insurance premium.  You should look for an attorney to help you reduce the ticket or have the ticket dismissed so that you can have fewer points or no points at all and a lower insurance rate.

You should also look at your ticket to make sure it is definitely a speeding ticket and not a reckless driving ticket.  Sometimes people believe that they have received a speeding ticket because they were speeding, but there will be the little RDs next to the charge of speeding, which means reckless driving, in which case, they not only were speeding, but they were charged with a misdemeanor as well.

Checking for the “RD” on the citation is an easy way to tell whether your charge is speeding or reckless driving. Another way is to see if the ticket gives you the option to prepay. A reckless driving summons is usually written on the same type of format as a speeding ticket, but it will have the sentence allowing you to prepay crossed out.

What About For Out of State Drivers?

An out-of-state driver has two options if they are facing a speeding ticket in Virginia.  The out-of-state driver can either pay the ticket, which is an admission of guilt, or they can get an attorney to appear before the judge for them in order to try to get the charge reduced or dismissed.

The best thing to do is hire an attorney so that they have a fighting chance of having no charge at all. It’s important for an out of state driver to make sure that the charge isn’t for reckless driving. This should be specified on the ticket. If it is for reckless driving, then it may not be possible for the out of state driver to not appear in person, and it’s even more important for them to get an attorney.

Why Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Virginia?

It is important to have an aggressive speeding ticket lawyer because you want someone who is willing to fight hard for you and your rights. You do not want somebody who will be shy about speaking up for you in court and speaking out when it is most important. You need someone who is aggressive enough to push hard to get the best possible results for your case.

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