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Our Approach to Alexandria Criminal Cases

In our Alexandria criminal defense practice, attorneys are dedicated to representing clients fully and with dedication. Our attorneys have three guiding principles to how they handle criminal cases.

#1: Understand the Client’s Goals

Number one, attorneys must understand what the client’s goals are. Sometimes they’re obvious and sometimes they’re not. Getting an understanding of who the client is, what their expectations are, what their goals are, and what relevant things are going on in their lives, either professionally or personally, that’s going to affect the case. An Alexandria criminal lawyer’s duty is to the client, first and foremost. Thus, it is absolutely required to know what the client wants and help them achieve their purpose.

#2: Preparation

Number two is preparing. Being prepared is the most important thing in being able to provide a good defense. It can harm your case irreparably to have a lawyer going into a case unprepared and disorganized, not knowing what evidence or argument they will use against the prosecution.

#3: Communication

Also, communication to the client is so important because if they don’t understand what’s going on, then attorneys are not providing the correct service.

It is important to have a line of communication through which it is easy for the client to reach their attorney. Clients are going through a very difficult time after they’ve been charged with a crime. They have questions, and our attorneys make it a point to create time to respond to their concerns.

What We Want You To Know About Us

The major thing we want individuals to understand is the importance in hiring a lawyer that is experienced and has a strong work ethic. Having a lawyer that cares about the results of a client’s case will make a huge difference because there is an additional level of involvement and commitment from an attorney.

We work hard to keep an open stream of communication with our clients, and make it clear that we hear their concerns regarding their case. An Alexandria criminal lawyer’s ultimate priority is to their client, and we take that priority very seriously.

Look For The Right Attorney For You

One mistake people make is when they choose an attorney based off of a quick decision, or having their decisions be driven by other considerations, such as price. Reacting hastily in choosing an attorney is a mistake because price is not necessarily the most important thing; it is more important to find someone competent and reliable to work for your defense. It is good for people to take time in meeting with an attorney before they retain them, especially on more serious cases.

Asking a lot of questions and getting a feel for whether or not you’re comfortable with the lawyer representing you is key. You should make sure that this is someone that you would feel comfortable sitting next to in court, because attorneys are the voices for their clients. It’s so important for them to be well-respected and to be professional and to be well-prepared.

Questions To Expect During a Consultation

The questions attorneys ask potential clients are determined largely by the nature and circumstances of the consultation. Upon meeting the potential client, attorneys gauge whether the client wants to do the talking or whether they would like the attorney to do the speaking.

The first meeting plays a big role in the dynamic between the lawyer and a client (or prospective client). In every case, however, our criminal defense attorneys in Alexandria work to decipher what their potential clients’ goals are and what they’d like to come of their case. It’s a priority for lawyers to ask and make sure their clients understand the charge they are facing. Additionally, lawyers will ask clients whether or not they know how the case process will work, what potential penalties will come attached with a conviction,

Questions We Are Frequently Asked During Consultations

A lot of people want to know what’s going to happen to them. That’s a difficult question to answer because, usually, when clients first consult with an attorney, attorneys aren’t clear on the details on the clients’ cases yet. They must go off of the information their clients provide them.

It is helpful when attorneys point out the possible scenarios to their clients. There could be a wide variety of different things that could happen from the best case scenario to the worst case scenario and then of course, in between. Our attorneys spend a great deal of time explaining to potential clients the various possibilities and directions of their case. Call us today to discuss your case.

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