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DUI Charges in Arlington

As a growing area of Northern Virginia, local Arlington law enforcement agents are increasingly vigilant when it comes to potential DUI cases. They do not want people driving out on the road while under the influence and potentially putting innocent bystanders at risk.

If someone is caught driving under the influence and are subsequently charged with a criminal offense, it is critical they reach out to an experienced Arlington DUI lawyer to discuss how to proceed.

What is a DUI

First, authorities see that you are driving a motor vehicle. You do not even have to manifest signs of intoxication when you are driving if you’re pulled over, even if you’re driving down the wrong side of the road. They will then do several field sobriety tests if they think you’ve been drinking.

Arlington police officers looking to see if your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol to the extent that it affects your manner, your speech, your disposition, your attitude or your coordination.

They are looking at whether you are coordinated, whether you can follow instructions, what your attitude is, if you are able to follow the conversation, if you have slurred speech, if you have bloodshot eyes, and how you perform on field sobriety tests. That is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Additionally, the Virginia code has set up certain statutory limits that if you’re driving above those limits, even if you’re showing no signs of impairment, you can be convicted. If you are driving with a blood alcohol concentration of above .08, even if you’re showing no signs of impairment or intoxication, you can be convicted of DUI in Arlington.

Enforcement of DUI in Arlington

Law enforcement officers in Arlington are constantly looking for DUI offenders. They focus on it. There are sometimes even specific police units that look only for DUI drivers. It is a heavily enforced crime. There are ton of bars in Arlington so it is easy for police to find people leaving those bars, hopping into cars and then pulling them over.

The Arlington community is very concerned about DUI law, and the prosecutors, court, judges and police take it very seriously. It’s a common case in Arlington. It’s something that occurs a lot, and they make a lot of arrests for that offense.

Arlington DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints are somewhat common in Arlington. Authorities don’t do them all of the time, but they definitely embark checkpoints every so often. They probably occur once a month or once every two months. DUI checkpoints require a lot of police activity and police personnel, so they are somewhat burdensome for the police department.

Checkpoints can make a very good impression on the community, so it is almost a public relations technique the police use to deter future people from driving while under the influence.

Where DUI Checkpoints Take Place

When Arlington police officers do set up DUI checkpoints, they tend to move the DUI checkpoints around, so there aren’t set locations. Typically, they place them in areas traveled when leaving bars, like areas heading away from Washington, DC, since a lot of people in Virginia go to DC to party, celebrate, and go to bars.

A lot of times, you will see it on roads outside of Washington, DC, not so much Interstate 56 or 495, but typically Route 50, Route 29 and Wilson or Clarendon Boulevard. The police like to mix up checkpoints to show that they’re present in various locations. There is not one particular spot or location to look for.

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