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What Happens to Your Car After a DUI Arrest in Arlington

There are many processes that take place after an individual is arrested for a DUI in Arlington. On top of the charge itself and the possibility of jail time, the individual must also worry about the status of the vehicle that they had been arrested in. Normally, the vehicle itself is towed and impounded, however, the presence of another individual who can be responsible for the vehicle may allow them to gain control of the car.

If you are confused by the process of retrieving your car after being arrested for a DUI in Arlington, it is important you contact a knowledgeable DUI attorney immediately, to assist in regaining control of your vehicle.

Where A Vehicle Will Be Taken Following An Arrest

In most cases, a person’s car is going to be towed after they are arrested for DUI in Arlington. It will be searched by police before being towed to a lot and impounded. Once the person is released from jail, they will be able to retrieve their vehicle. In some cases, if there is a passenger of the vehicle or some other responsible person nearby, the police may allow them to come and retrieve the vehicle. Typically, attorneys do not get involved in the release of vehicles. However, if there is a situation where the vehicle is not being released, an attorney can intervene and ask for the assistance of the court in ordering that property to be returned.

Retrieving the Car

When a person goes to the tow lot to retrieve their car, they should bring identification with them to prove that they are indeed the owner of the vehicle. In some cases, the police will have given the individual a ticket of some kind that will allow them to claim the vehicle as well.

Search Procedures

The individual’s vehicle will not be searched at the tow lot, but it may be searched at the side of the road. Police conduct what are called inventory searches, just to establish what is in the vehicle at the time that it is taken from the individual so that there is not a later claim that the property has been stolen.  Importantly, however, if evidence is found during the inventory search, it may be used at trial against the accused.

If during that inventory search, the police discover illegal items or contraband, then the defendant may be charged in connection with those items. For example, if there is a concealed weapon or if there are illegal drugs, the person may be charged with being in possession of the illegal drugs or carrying a concealed weapon, along with and in addition to the DUI charge that they have received.

Benefits of an Attorney

If an individual’s car has been impounded after a DUI arrest and they are having trouble securing its release, or there are some other charges that the individual has received along with a DUI that are causing the police to try to confiscate their vehicle, it is very important to have the assistance of an experienced attorney in order to make sure that the individual gets their vehicle back.

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