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If you are being investigated by law enforcement about inappropriate sexual contact, you may likely feel alarmed. Moreover, if you have already been charged with a sexual offense, you may have begun to feel frantic and overwhelmed.

There are skilled attorneys in Culpeper who have the experience to support clients against criminal charges. A proficient Culpeper sex crimes lawyer may be able to work with you on a vigorous defense.

Sexual Assault Charges

There are several types of sexual assault charges that are listed as crimes against the person in the Code of Virginia. An adept sex crimes attorney in Culpeper may have experience with each category of offense.


The Code of Virginia §18.2-61 defines rape as engaging in sexual intercourse with someone against their will. The law makes no distinction between strangers and spouses. Law enforcement may respond to an allegation of rape even if the call comes from someone’s sexual partner.

Sexual intercourse completed through force, threat, or intimidation is also considered rape under the statute. Moreover, sex with children under 13 or persons with diminished mental capacity cannot be consensual under Culpeper law.

Sentences for rape span from five years to life in prison. The circumstances of the rape, as well as whether the defendant has prior convictions, are relevant factors for sentencing. A capable Culpeper sex crimes attorney might discuss the possibilities of incarceration with individual clients, as well as methods of defending against the allegations.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery, as defined by §18.2-67.4 of the Code of Virginia, is the sexual abuse of the complaining witness through force, threat, intimidation, or ruse. This unlawful act does not have to involve sexual intercourse; it may be any form of inappropriate sexual contact.

Sexual battery is a class one misdemeanor. This means that a conviction may result in jail time for the accused. Moreover, stiffer sentences may be handed down for aggravated sexual battery or attempted rape. A defense attorney may speak with those being investigated by law enforcement about possible charges that could be filed.

Solicitation of Sexual Services in Culpeper

Paying a prostitute for sexual services is a form of solicitation, as defined by §18.2-346 of the Code of Virginia. A person who has solicited a prostitute for engagement in sexual acts with them has committed a class one misdemeanor.

Even though paying an adult for sex is a misdemeanor, it is a felony if the sexual acts are with a minor. Per the statute, a person who pays money or other valuables to a youth, who is between the ages of 16 and 18, may be convicted of a class six felony.

Moreover, persons who are charged with soliciting a child under 16 may be prosecuted for a class five felony. A sex crimes lawyer in Culpeper may be able to defend persons accused of this type of unlawful sexual activity.

Speak with a Culpeper Sex Crimes Attorney Today

If you are facing charges for sexual crimes, you may feel alarmed by the possibility of incarceration. Hiring counsel who could vigorously advocate for you might be the next right step toward placing these distressing accusations behind you.

A competent Culpeper sex crimes lawyer might be able to build an effective defense on your behalf. Call a Culpeper defense attorney to get started with building your case.

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