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What To Do Following an Assault Arrest in Fredericksburg

A person may feel unsure of what to do following an assault arrest in Fredericksburg as immediate options could seem limited. Before agreeing to speak with police or law enforcement, an accused individual should reach out to a skilled assault lawyer. They could examine the evidence and factors surrounding the alleged incident and work to establish a credible defense. Call and set up a time to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Consulting With an Attorney

Retaining legal counsel early in an assault case could be extremely beneficial. It is often difficult to know exactly what to do following an assault arrest in Fredericksburg. An attorney could explain what certain charges mean and help identify potential legal strategies that may be effective for a person’s case.

Additionally, a lawyer may be able to launch an independent investigation into the alleged assault. This could include sifting through evidence, police reports, and speaking to potential witnesses about the alleged event. In some cases, there may be video or photo evidence from security cameras. An attorney could request copies of such content and use it to help refute the validity of the allegations. In some instances, a person may have simply been misidentified or not present at the alleged incident.

Bond and Arraignment

After an arrest for an alleged assault, a person is typically taken in front of a magistrate to determine whether they qualify for setting a bond. In many cases, the magistrate sets conditions for the bond. These conditions may include not having contact with the complainant before the court date.  Depending on the magistrate’s evaluation, the accused individual will be held until court arraignment or potentially may be released and given a court date to appear for an arraignment in the future. A person with a history of criminal offenses may have a higher chance of being held without bond. 

In an assault case, the first court appearance typically will be for an arraignment. This generally is when the judge will determine if the accused understands what they are charged with and that they have the right to hire an attorney. Then, the judge will inform the defendant of the next court date, and the case will be continued. In most cases during an arraignment, the judge will not change the accused’s bond status, so someone who is held without bond by the magistrate after arrest will have to wait and file a bond motion after their arraignment.

Common Mitigating Factors

An assault case may have some mitigating factors. For example, a person may have been engaging in self-defense or attempting to protect another individual. This could substantially change a person’s case and positively impact the outcome. 

Depending on the circumstances of the alleged assault, a person may want to enroll in an anger management class. A judge and the prosecution may view such enrollment favorably, especially if the accused has no prior criminal record. 

Learn What to do After an Arrest for Assault in Fredericksburg

Someone who has been charged with such an offense may not know what to do following an assault arrest in Fredericksburg. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing any type of assault offense, contact a dedicated assault lawyer. They could advocate on your behalf and potentially work to demonstrate weaknesses in the prosecution’s claims. Call and schedule an appointment immediately to start discussing applicable legal strategies. 

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