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Assault is generally viewed as a serious criminal offense. However, when law enforcement and the prosecution believe an assault resulted in grievous bodily harm, they may charge a person with unlawful wounding. This type of charge may significantly increase a person’s risk for incurring severe legal penalties. If you were accused of committing an act of grievous bodily harm, reach out to an aggressive and competent Fredericksburg unlawful wounding lawyer immediately. An experienced assault attorney could work to refute the allegation and research potentially effective legal strategies.

Defining an Unlawful Wounding Offense

Unlawful wounding is largely differentiated from a misdemeanor assault for several reasons. In most cases, such an offense is charged as a Class 6 felony in Virginia. While it is one of the least serious felony assault charges, it is a significant step up from a misdemeanor charge. The maximum penalty for an unlawful wounding conviction generally is five years of incarceration. A person’s prior criminal record and the severity of the alleged offense also strongly impact the sentencing following a conviction for unlawful wounding. However, most felony assaults are charged as malicious wounding. A person who has been arrested and charged with such an offense should immediately seek the legal counsel of a dedicated Fredericksburg unlawful wounding lawyer. 


Probation is a common possibility following a felony level conviction in Virginia. During a probationary period, a person may need to highly restrict their interaction with drugs, alcohol, and potentially illegal activity to avoid repercussions. While each case is different, probation is a typical penalty to incur after a felony conviction of unlawful wounding. A skilled Fredericksburg unlawful wounding attorney could advocate on a person behalf and attempt to mitigate the consequences of a potential conviction. 

General Goals of a Prosecutor in an Unlawful Wounding Case

A prosecutor typically has multiple goals when pursuing an unlawful wounding case. Their main objective generally is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person unlawfully shot, cut, or wounded another individual with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill.  They may attempt to use evidence such as photographs of the alleged wounding and the testimony of the complainant to support their case. A seasoned attorney who is familiar with unlawful wounding cases could work to counter the prosecution’s claims and potentially launch an independent investigation regarding the alleged incident. In some cases, the police may not have identified all the individuals that could serve as witnesses. A witness may have significant information to share about the actual events of the alleged incident. An accused person may have been falsely or misidentified, and a witness could potentially shed some light on such a mistake. 

Partner with an Unlawful Wounding Attorney in Fredericksburg

When a person is charged with malicious or unlawful wounding, they should immediately contact a hardworking Fredericksburg unlawful wounding lawyer. Legal consequences upon conviction may be severe and could significantly influence a person’s quality of life. Furthermore, a criminal record could substantially decrease a person’s ability to obtain gainful employment. If you or a family member were accused of committing an act of malicious wounding, consult with a legal representative before speaking to law enforcement. Anything a person says could be used against them in the court of law. Call and schedule an appointment to begin researching potential legal options. 

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