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Building a Defense for Fredericksburg Assault Charges

When a person is initially charged with assault, they may feel that they do not have many options. However, this is not always the case. While it can be intimidating to receive such charges, a person should seek legal counsel before making any decisions or speaking with law enforcement. In many cases, a lawyer can be an effective part of building a defense for Fredericksburg assault charges. Contact an experienced assault attorney to start reviewing potential legal options that may be applicable to your case.

Understanding an Assault Charge

To convict an individual of assault, a prosecutor typically must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person, at a minimum, put the complainant in fear of imminent physical harm. That means if a person were to throw a rock at someone and missed, that person could still be charged with assault, as the complainant would have been in fear of being struck by the rock.  Furthermore, if the rock actually hit someone an assault charged may also be issued. There is a slight difference between an assault and a battery charge. Generally, an assault is an attempt to batter a person. However, a battery charge alleges that a person was actually able to harm the other individual and does not refer to an attempt. 

Potential Defense Mechanisms

There are several methods an attorney could attempt to use while building a defense for Fredericksburg assault charges. One of the most common defenses in an assault case is self-defense. In many cases, a person who is accused of assault may have been trying to defend themselves against the aggression of another individual. If a person can demonstrate that they were simply trying to defend themselves during the alleged incident, they could positively impact the outcome of their case.

Additionally, an attorney could speak with the complainant and attempt to reach a resolution outside the courtroom. Another way of defending an accused person may be to search for witnesses. In some cases, accusations are falsely leveled. An eyewitness may be able to provide insight into the actual events of the alleged incident. 

A lawyer could also request police reports or video footage and photographs from security cameras which may have captured the alleged assault. In some assault cases, a person may have been misidentified or simply not at the scene of the alleged incident. Someone building a defense for Fredericksburg assault charges should consult with a reliable assault attorney to discuss potential legal solutions.

Building a Defense for Fredericksburg Assault Charges with an Attorney

It is important to obtain an experienced defense attorney when facing any criminal charges in Virginia, but it is especially important when facing charges of assault. An adept assault lawyer who is familiar with assault cases could work to establish a credible and legally valid defense. Legal consequences for assault convictions could significantly impact a person’s livelihood. The creation of a criminal record may exclude a person from certain career opportunities as well as damage their reputation. If you or family member were accused of committing an assault, reach out to a lawyer who is well versed in building a defense for Fredericksburg assault charges immediately. 

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