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Gun charges are treated seriously in Fredericksburg because situations involving firearms hold the potential for serious injuries or loss of life. Many gun charges involve allegations that a person has improperly used or possessed a firearm in some way, and these are allegations that often result in serious charges that have serious consequences. Because of this, it is important the defense attorney representing an individual facing such charges investigate all of the facts and circumstances that surround the accusations being made against the defendant.

An experienced Fredericksburg gun lawyer will have available resources with which to conduct an investigation and can utilize a private investigator to interview witnesses and take pictures of the scene and will have time to dedicate to the defense of the individual case.

Gun Charges

Two of the most common gun charges in Fredericksburg are the brandishing of a firearm by an individual and the possession of a firearm by an individual who has been disqualified by law from having one. Brandishing a firearm involves holding or displaying a weapon in such a way that it reasonably induces in the mind of another person the fear they might be killed or seriously injured. There are many instances where a person has a weapon in their hands, and someone feels afraid and calls the police, but whether that individual is guilty of brandishing a weapon can be subjective.

Additionally, there are a number of ways a person can be disqualified from possessing a firearm. Such a disqualification may be the result of a felony conviction or a protective order. If an individual is disqualified from owning a firearm and is found to have one in their possession, this possession can result in a serious felony case thereby making it imperative a gun attorney in Fredericksburg is contacted.

Laws Regulating the Transportation of Firearms

Because I-95 travels directly through Fredericksburg, any number of things are transported through the city, including both legal and illegal firearms. If a person is traveling through Fredericksburg they must be aware that, while it is legal to have a gun in Fredericksburg and even to display such a gun in the open, in Fredericksburg it is illegal to conceal a weapon in anything other than the case in which it was purchased or some other secure wrapping.

If a person is stopped for a routine traffic matter and is found to be concealing a weapon, they may be charged with a serious crime unless they have a permit to conceal their weapon.

Concealed Carry

In Fredericksburg, concealed carry is governed by state law, rather than by local ordinance. An individual must comply with Virginia law in order to have a concealed carry permit. Concealed carry permits are issued through local clerk offices and local courts. Because of this, there are some particularities and peculiarities to Fredericksburg of which individuals should be aware if they travel to or live in that locality and have weapons.

Penalties and Consequences

Most gun offenses are either class one misdemeanors or felonies, which mean they always involve the possibility of jail sentences. Additionally, if an individual is convicted of a gun offense in Fredericksburg, they will likely lose their concealed carry permit or may be considered ineligible to apply for a concealed carry permit for a period of time after their conviction.

Prosecutors treat gun offenses seriously in Fredericksburg, due to potentially related serious injuries and loss of life. When firearms are at issue, misuse of such firearms will be prosecuted seriously, and the help of a gun lawyer in Fredericksburg is essential in these cases. Fredericksburg is an area with a large military presence. Many individuals in this jurisdiction own weapons, and so it is not unusual for guns to be present, and often misused, in a variety of situations.

Contacting a Fredericksburg Gun Attorney

It is important any individual facing firearm charges have a dedicated Fredericksburg gun attorney on their side who understands an individual’s Second Amendment rights. Not only does someone convicted stand to potentially lose their liberty and their clean record, they also potentially stand to lose some of their rights under the Second Amendment if convicted of charges in that locality.

For these reasons, if you have been convicted of firearm charges, you need someone who will fight for you and who will do everything possible to make sure such charges are either reduced or dismissed to the fullest extent possible.

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