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Building a Defense for Domestic Violence Charges in Manassas

A conviction for a domestic violence in Manassas can lead to potential incarceration and will result in a criminal record for the convicted individual. For this reason, it is essential that an individual charged with domestic violence utilize the services of a skilled domestic violence lawyer, as a conviction for such a charge is associated with significant and far-reaching consequences.

Moreover, the protective orders associated with a conviction for domestic violence may last for up to two years. This can require that the convicted individual move out of their home for an extended period of time, placing considerable strain on their personal life, livelihood, and family.

First Steps

There are a few things an individual can do to help their domestic violence case from the start. Most importantly, they can provide complete information to their attorney regarding all of the facts, evidence, and witnesses that are relevant to the case. Additionally, an individual may engage in mitigation prior to court to help the defense. Such mitigation may include anger management or therapy, including couples’ therapy if the alleged victim is a spouse, partner, or romantic interest of the charged individual.

Common Defenses

Self-defense is one of the most common defenses employed in domestic violence cases in Manassas. Such a defense is applicable under any circumstances in which an individual reasonably believed that they were imminently threatened by a force of some kind at the time of the alleged incident. Under such circumstances, the law allows that individual the right to use reasonable force to repel an attacker. Self-defense often arises in domestic violence cases, as the individual charged in such a case is often a function of which individual called the police first or told their narrative first, rather than a function of which individual actually incited the altercation.

In cases in which self-defense cannot be raised, mutual combat may serve as a defense. Under such circumstances, both parties consented to an altercation in some way, and mutually incited the altercation.

Finally, just as an individual has the right to defend themselves against an aggressor and to use reasonable force to repel them, so too do they have the right to defend another individual against such an aggressor. Thus, defense of another may serve as a possible defense against a charge of domestic violence in Manassas.

Working with an Attorney

A Manassas attorney in a domestic violence and battery case can serve as a crucial resource to an individual who has been charged with such a crime. A Manassas attorney brings to the case intimate knowledge regarding the local prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement. This knowledge is essential, as it allows such an attorney to understand how an individual judge will handle the case, what the likely punishments will be, and what arguments and defenses will be most effective. This knowledge and experience can be the crucial difference between success or failure in a case, and may serve to reduce the consequences associated with a conviction.

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