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Domestic Violence Investigations in Manassas

Most domestic violence investigations occur immediately after the alleged incident, at the home of the individual who contacted the police. Such an investigation will typically involve police officers coming to the scene, interviewing each individual present, and collecting any available evidence. Possible evidence may be in the form of verbal statements from the alleged victim and other witnesses, together with photographs or relevant audio or video evidence.

Domestic violence investigations in Manassas can be complex and difficult due to the intimate nature of those involved. To best protect your rights in this difficult time, you should have a compassionate domestic violence attorney by your side throughout your case.

Investigation Process

A police officer will determine the primary aggressor by interviewing witnesses, collecting statements, and examining all available evidence. They will not merely consider who started the argument or verbal altercation, but who first made violent contact.

The law enforcement officer who investigated the original incident has a duty to appear at court and to provide evidence to the court regarding their investigation into the alleged incident. In so doing, the officer has a duty to speak truthfully and in full as to their knowledge regarding the alleged domestic violence.

Unique Aspects of Domestic Violence

One major component of domestic violence investigations in Manassas that is unique to general assault investigations is that both the accuser and the accused not only know each other very well but who likely have a close intimate relationship with one another. This relationship adds an additional dimension to the case. Sometimes, this relationship may reduce the likelihood of a conviction, as the accuser may be unwilling to testify by the time of trial. Other times, this relationship may increase the likelihood of a conviction, as the accuser may have an increased motivation to see the accused convicted.

Rights During an Investigation

A person who is the subject of a Manassas domestic violence investigation maintains all of their constitutional rights throughout every phase of the investigation. This means that they have the right not to incriminate themselves, and are not required to make any statements to the police. They also have the right to be free from unreasonable searches or seizures, as well as the right to the assistance of an attorney at every phase of the investigation and of the case.

Despite these guaranteed rights, individuals who are being investigated for domestic violence in Manassas often feel as though they have already been convicted of domestic violence. This is because the system often acts aggressively and proactively in such cases in an attempt to protect the alleged victim. For instance, a protective order may be issued at a hearing at which the accused is not present and bond conditions can be set that deprive the accused of their ability to live in their home for the duration of the case.

Benefit of an Attorney

The assistance of an experienced, local attorney is essential in reducing the impact of a domestic violence investigation on an accused’s day-to-day life and livelihood.

If an individual is the subject of an investigation of domestic violence in Manassas, then law enforcement is amassing evidence in order to attempt to convict them of a crime, resulting in hefty fines or possible incarceration. It is imperative that any individual who is the subject of a domestic violence investigation have the assistance of experienced counsel every step of the way. An individual must have experienced counsel on their side to counteract the full force of the government apparatus that is, in effect, attempting to take away their personal liberty, good record, and respected name.

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