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Evidence in Manassas Domestic Violence Cases

There are many different types of evidence that are essential when preparing a defense for a domestic violence charge in Manassas. The most important evidence is often that which is in the possession of the government. This will include any statements made by the accused, the alleged victim, or any witnesses, as well as any physical evidence, including photographs or records of communications.

The specific evidence that will be essential is dependent on the individual facts of the case. However, in general, knowing what testimony will be presented against the accused and knowing what physical or documentary evidence may be brought forward is crucial to reaching a positive outcome in a case.

Types of Evidence

Most Manassas domestic violence cases involve a wide range of evidence. This includes the testimony of the alleged victim and any other witnesses, as well as any physical evidence, such as medical reports, photographs, or video or audio evidence. All of this evidence will serve to capture a portion of the alleged domestic violence that resulted in the criminal charge.

An experienced lawyer will want to compile any evidence for their client’s domestic violence case in Manassas that may be helpful to them by helping to establish that they are not guilty of the offense. Additionally, such a lawyer may seek mitigating evidence that shows their client has attended therapy, received treatment, performed community service, or has done other positive things that may influence a prosecutor or a judge to be more lenient in their case.

Rules of Evidence

The rules of evidence in Virginia provide that certain kinds of evidence can be heard or utilized by the prosecution at trial, while other kinds of evidence cannot. If there exists unfavorable evidence that an attorney believes is not admissible under the rules of court, then they will make an effort to keep that evidence from being entered at trial. Such evidence may include that which was illegally obtained in violation of the constitutional rights of the defendant, which can be suppressed and kept out of evidence at trial. This is achieved through a proper motion brought before the judge.

Witness Testimony

In order to prevent testimony from being entered at trial, a lawyer will object to statements that are either inadmissible or that were illegally obtained. While it is not possible to prevent a witness from testifying, an experienced lawyer can carefully assist their client by preventing harmful statements from being heard by the court by making a proper motion to the judge.

Working with an Attorney

Building defenses for domestic violence cases in Manassas and dealing with investigations and evidence can be complicated. To best protect your rights in this difficult time and to prepare a defense for a positive outcome, you should have a domestic violence attorney by your side throughout your case.

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