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When to Contact a Manassas Criminal Lawyer If Under Investigation

When you believe you are under investigation for a crime in Manassas, Virginia it is unlikely to hurt you to contact a defense attorney. If you speak with a Manassas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, he or she might be able to provide much needed support and guidance through the process. He or she might also be able to protect you against unlawful searches and seizures. Call today to schedule a consultation.

If Not Sure You’re Being Investigated

Even if you are not sure you are being investigated, the safest, most conservative thing you can do to protect your rights and to limit any exposure you may have in the future is to talk to a Manassas criminal defense attorney. A lawyer is going to give you advice in your particular situation about who you should and should not be talking to, what evidence you should preserve, and other proactive steps you might take to head off an investigation or criminal charges.

In other cases, a lawyer may advise you to remain completely silent and not let on that you suspect there is an investigation, as this may give you a better opportunity to collect information going forward. However, until you talk to a Manassas criminal defense lawyer about your particular concerns, you are not going to know for sure the best way to move forward.

How an Attorney Can Help

Even if you aren’t certain you are being investigated, an attorney can help by walking you through what the process of an investigation might look like. They can help you identify the signs and clues that an investigation is ongoing. An attorney in Manassas can also prepare you for the process that may lie ahead if you find yourself charged.

In addition, there will be specific pieces of advice that are particular to your kind of case. Your lawyer can help you with everything from talking to the police to searching court records, other documents, search warrants, and other indicators of the investigation. They can also provide you with specific advice about who you should and should not talk to and what steps you can take to protect yourself. They can also help you look at all the possibilities of your situation including the worst case, and can potentially keep you from being charged at all.

Benefits & Costs of Speaking With a Manassas Defense Lawyer

There is little to no drawback to speaking to a Manassas defense attorney. In the vast majority of cases, when an individual approaches an attorney about a consultation for a pre-trial or pre-arrest investigation, the first consultation will be free. Likewise, there will be a wealth of information the individual can learn by talking to an expert. Communications between clients and attorneys, even when the attorney has not been paid any money or technically hired, remain confidential. Anything you tell the attorney will remain a secret between you and them. There is no potential exposure and no chance that that information will be shared outside of that conversation.

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