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Dealing With Manassas Investigations From Jail

Even if you have been arrested and taken into custody in many cases law enforcement will continue their investigation while you are in jail. When this happens, it is important you know what to expect and ensure that your family and friends are protected. To learn more or to begin planning your defense, call and schedule a consultation with a Manassas criminal lawyer today.

Having Your House Searched While in Jail

If the police begin searching your house, at that point there is very little you can do to prevent them from going forward. The police will typically wait until they have a search warrant in order to search your home, but there are certain scenarios under which they do not believe that they need a warrant.

Under these circumstances, it will be important to document exactly what is going on as best as one possibly can, which may assist in later suppressing any evidence if it turns out that the search is illegal. But always make it clear that you do not consent to the search.

How Can I Protect My Family From Being Harassed While in Jail?

The main thing that any individual can do to protect themselves or their family is to make sure that everyone understands they have an absolute right to remain silent during any investigation and that there is no obligation whatsoever to cooperate with or to speak with the police. While it is impossible to keep the Manassas police from investigating using home visits, phone calls, texts or emails, if an individual’s family has a secure understanding of their right to not cooperate, they can be just as protected as the accused.

In addition, involving a Manassas criminal lawyer who represents the defendant, but is also the interface between an entire family and the police, may direct the police to then communicate through counsel rather than approaching individuals.

Protecting Assets

A Manassas criminal attorney’s involvement can be a critical part of your defense and your plans for moving forward in all of those situations.

Every asset forfeiture case can be challenged in court and experienced counsel will know how to assist you in doing this. In addition, if there are search warrants to be served and counsel is made aware of them or can find out about them, they may be present for the search. By being physically present during the search, counsel can assist in sequestering evidence and information covered under the search warrant or identifying things which may not be covered by the search warrant or may be protected by a privilege.

Role of a Manassas Criminal Attorney

The role of a Manassas criminal lawyer in the government’s investigation after your arrest is significant and important. After the arrest has occurred, the government is going to be focused on building the best case that it can to secure convictions for current charges, but also on bringing any additional charges that it can to gain leverage in the case.

An attorney can help shape the interaction with investigators and prosecutors and can help influence the interactions in a way that will be beneficial to the client. This can include reduced charges for giving them additional information.

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