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Steps To Take If You Are Under Investigation in Manassas

In order to ensure that you don’t incriminate yourself or make your situation any worse, it is imperative you follow the steps below and consult with an experienced Manassas criminal lawyer today.

Step 1: Don’t Speak About Your Case

The very first step an individual should take when they find out that they or their company are being investigated is to not speak at all about the investigation or any of the allegations to anyone other than their attorney. This means they should not be cooperating with police and should certainly not be speaking to the police. If an investigation of an individual or a business is going on, that means the police are building their case and trying to find enough evidence to have sufficient information or probable cause for arrest. The evidence can often come in the form of damaging statements made by the accused. Cooperating with police never helps the defendant. The only thing it can do is create additional evidence which may then later be used against that person.

Step 2: Speak With An Attorney Immediately

The next, very-important step to take is to speak to an experienced attorney right away. During a pretrial investigation or a pre-arrest investigation there are numerous steps which experienced counsel can be taking to help you limit your exposure and potentially even prevent the charges from ever being brought. Attorneys can interface with prosecutors and law enforcement and gain information on behalf of their clients, which may be useful at trial or in preventing the charges from even coming in the first place.

These are things that only an attorney can do. Individuals, because of the potential to make incriminating statements, should not attempt to do these things on their own.

What Should I Look For in an Attorney

When looking for a lawyer to assist you in a pre-arrest investigation, you should be looking for someone who has a wealth of experience with the kind of case that might potentially be brought against you. That experience should include significant trial experience over a period of many years that is demonstrable and reflected in reviews from their peers and former clients. It is also vitally important to work with someone who has a great deal of experience in the particular locality where the investigation is occurring.

An individual who is familiar with the police department, prosecutors, and judges, as well as some of the personalities, can provide insight during the investigation and bring benefits to that process which they have gained through personal contact and specific information about the players involved.

Does it Help to Hire An Attorney Before You are Charged?

It can be extremely helpful to have an attorney who has specific experience in the area in which the investigation is being conducted. For example, if the person is being investigated for financial crimes, it will be important to work with an attorney who has demonstrated knowledge and experience in that area. The same thing will be true for a drug investigation or for a sex-crime investigation.

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