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Independent Blood and Urine Testing in Mecklenburg County DUI Cases

When someone is arrested for a DUI, law enforcement will conduct a breath or a blood test to determine what substances might be in an individual’s system. A person who has been arrested for a DUI may also choose to have an independent blood or urine test done. A private company will conduct an independent blood or urine test in order to provide either corroboration or to refute the testing done by the Department of Forensic Sciences or law enforcement.

A private company will administer an independent blood and urine test, and they will provide documentation of the test to the accused if they are the one who requested it. Under certain circumstances, a release might be signed by the accused in order for a copy to be given directly to their defense attorney.

An experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable about independent blood and urine testing in Mecklenburg County DUI cases could help you understand the process and why you may want to have one conducted. Reach out to an accomplished DUI attorney today.

Benefits of an Independent Blood and Urine Test

There can be many benefits to independent blood and urine testing in Mecklenburg County DUI cases. If an accused insists that there were no substances in their system or they were otherwise within the legal limit and do not believe the accuracy of the test that was conducted following their arrest, a seasoned lawyer might suggest having an independent blood or urine test done. There are various other circumstances where an attorney might make the same suggestion, especially if the attorney believes that the field tests or breath tests conducted by law enforcement might have an unreliable result. An independent test may be favorable to the defendant and can be used as evidence that they were not under the influence when the officer arrested them.

Using Independent Testing as Evidence

When the accused and their attorney decide to put on a defense in a DUI trial, independent blood or urine tests can be presented in court because they are relevant to whether or not the accused was actually intoxicated at the time of the arrest. An independent test could also provide exculpatory evidence necessary to exonerate the accused individual.

Additional evidence that an attorney might need to acquire is going to depend on the specific facts and circumstances of each DUI case. That is why it is so important that anyone arrested for DUI contact a legal professional as soon as possible so that the attorney can determine precisely what additional evidence will be necessary.

Will the Person Who Conducted the Tests be Brought in as an Expert Witness?

Under many circumstances, the person who conducted the test will need to be brought in as a witness in order to testify as to how the test was conducted, under what circumstances, and what the results were. And, depending on the circumstances, that person might also be qualified as an expert to testify as to the meaning of the results.

Call a Mecklenburg County Lawyer About Independent Blood and Urine Testing

If you have any questions regarding independent blood and urine testing in Mecklenburg County DUI cases and how they could be helpful for you, call an attorney today. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the benefits of an independent test and what other legal options you may have after an arrest.

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