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Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to serious penalties and consequences. Additional penalties could be added if the defendant was driving without a driver’s license. However, it depends on the reason why the person did not have their license.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and you did not have your license, contact an experienced DUI attorney today. Let a Mecklenburg County DUI without a license lawyer fight for you and help you build an effective defense.

Can a DUI Without a License Charge Carry Additional Penalties?

Whether it is a DUI-related charge or a traffic charge in addition to the DUI depends on the circumstances of the driver’s license suspension and the specific offense leading up to the arrest. Someone could face an additional traffic charge of driving under a suspended license or driving on a license that was suspended for a prior DUI. They could be charged with a particular section of the DUI code based on the suspension of their license.

Driving without a license could be an aggravating factor to DUI charges in that it demonstrates a possible disregard for the law in two separate ways. One in that the person is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and two in that they should not have been operating a vehicle in the first place due to the fact that their license had been suspended.

Unlicensed Driving and DUI Case Process

Most of the time, unlicensed driving and DUI charges are heard simultaneously if possible. In some circumstances, they would be able to have separate trials, but in the normal course of court process, the cases would be heard together by a judge in the general district court. Either way, a dedicated DUI without a license lawyer in Mecklenburg County could stand by the defendant’s side throughout the case.

Driving Under the Influence with a Suspended License

A DUI case involving a defendant driving without a license due to a suspension will be handled differently than a case with an unlicensed driver. A suspended license charge will be handled more seriously because that driver had a license and privilege operating a vehicle suspended for a prior infraction. Perhaps their license was suspended because they have already been convicted of a prior DUI. Driving after a person’s license has been suspended following a DUI comes with a possible penalty of a Class I misdemeanor, and driving without a license because of three DUI convictions in ten years is enough to earn a felony charge.

However, it is still serious to be driving without a license. Someone could be charged with driving without a license for not having their valid license on them at the time when they encountered law enforcement or it could be that they never obtained their license.

Contact a Mecklenburg County DUI Without a License Attorney

If you have been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and also for driving without a license, you could be facing serious charges. Fortunately, a Mecklenburg County DUI without a license lawyer could defend you. Call today and set up your consultation with a well-versed legal professional.

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