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What Happens to the Car After a DUI in Mecklenburg County

After a DUI arrest, many people may be wondering what happens to the vehicle the person was driving. Usually, when someone is arrested for a DUI, the car is towed and impounded unless there is someone else available who can come and pick up the car. The vehicle is usually towed to the impound lot, and they will have to pay a fee to have their car released.

Read below for more information about what happens to the car after a DUI in Mecklenburg County. If you have any questions about getting your vehicle, consult with an experienced DUI attorney.

Retrieving the Vehicle Following a DUI

A DUI lawyer could speak with friends or family who might be able to pick up the car to ensure the vehicle is taken care of. Also, an attorney could take legal action to try to prevent the car from being impounded or have the car returned to the arrested person as soon as possible.

When the individual shows up to pick up the vehicle, they should bring documentation that they have the right to the car and have the authority to pick it up. They should also bring a form of payment with them. Once they meet with an employee and show the necessary documentation, they will sign the paperwork, pay, and then get their car back.

A dedicated attorney who is knowledgeable about what happens to the car after a DUI in Mecklenburg County could help an individual with recovering their vehicle from the tow lot.

Will the Car be Searched?

When someone’s car is towed following a DUI, it will usually be searched by the police. Searching the vehicle is standard practiced for all law enforcement agencies unless someone is there to take possession of the car following the arrest.

Any illegal substances inside the car can be used as corroborating evidence to bolster the DUI case. Depending on the nature of the circumstances, they could face additional possession charges for the DUI understanding that their car is likely to be searched following a DUI arrest. Empty containers could be used as evidence that they were consuming alcohol, and drugs could be used as evidence in that they recently consumed intoxicants.

How a Lawyer Could Help After a Car Has Been Impounded Following a DUI

A Mecklenburg County lawyer could assist individuals with getting their car returned to them as soon as possible or having their car released to a family member if they are held without bond or is unable to get back to their car quickly. If you have any questions about what happens to the car after a DUI in Mecklenburg County, call a well-versed legal professional today.

Also, an attorney could advocate for you if you are facing DUI charges. A DUI conviction carries significant penalties and long-term repercussions. You could be facing jail time, expensive fines, and a driver’s license suspension. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer could build a strong defense and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome to your case.

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