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If someone has a license suspended in Newport News, this means that they are not allowed to drive on Virginia roads any longer. Newport News license suspension lawyers can help a person get a restricted license so that they’re able to drive to important places such as to and from work and school, or they can help them get their license back completely. This really depends on what the reason for the suspension was in the first place.

In Newport News, the most common causes of license suspensions are unpaid fines and court fees and excessive moving violations, however, a license suspension can also result from a DUI.

An aggressive attorney will be able to help you as you try to challenge your license suspension. They can serve as your advocate and guide throughout your case, and can advise you on what steps to take.

Failure to Pay Fines or Costs

If you fall behind on paying your fines or costs in Virginia, then this gives the court reason to suspend your license. If you are unable to pay the fines or costs, then you are allowed to come up with the payment plan with the clerk that will allow you to maintain your license.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges

The best way to protect your driving privileges from being suspended from a failure to pay fines or costs is to make sure that you’re always keeping up with these fines. The DMV and the court system understand that not everybody can pay fines all at once, which is why they allow defendants to set up a payment plan in lieu of paying the entire lump sum. That way they can maintain their license as well as get back on track with paying the fine.

Suspension Due to a DUI

Your driver’s license is automatically suspended for seven days whenever you’re arrested for a DUI. This is considered an administrative suspension. After a DUI, if you need to get your driving privileges back, you have to take immediate action by getting an attorney to schedule a hearing to challenge the suspension of your license.

If you are eventually convicted of a DUI, then your license will be suspended. If you are talking about the administrative seven days suspension, then you automatically get your license back. If you’re convicted, then you can be eligible for restricted driver’s license, but other than that, you cannot get your license back. There’s no other way around this besides the restricted license.

Challenging the Suspension

In order to challenge the suspension, you need to request the hearing in court. Depending on why your license is suspended there are different things that you have to do beforehand. For example, if your license was suspended due to an accumulation of too many points on your driving record, then you should take a driver improvement class for 5 positive points so that you can present this in court and it usually will be enough for you to keep your license.

If the license suspension was fine-related, then you can petition the court. You can also petition to have your license reinstated if you agree to a payment plan or if you paid off all the fines. For other reasons for the suspension, then you can petition the court to get a restricted license.

In the case of license suspension due to a DUI, you have to file a motion for review of administrative suspension of driver’s license with Virginia’s General District Court in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred. The ability to challenge the suspension is not automatic, and it is wise to retain an attorney to do this immediately if your goals is to have the suspension reviewed.

The Role of an Attorney

Your Newport News license suspension attorney can help you figure out what the best course of action is in order for you to be successful in court. They can protect your driving privileges by fighting for your privileges to ensure that you get to keep your license even if you are sure to have your actions result in a conviction.

In cases where it’s unavoidable that your license will become suspended, then an attorney can help you obtain a restricted license so that your driving privileges are completely lost and you can still get to important places such as your job, school, and medical appointments.

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