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The Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newport News

Newport News criminal defense lawyer has a variety of responsibilities in a criminal case including casting doubt on the prosecution’s case and providing a strong defense for clients no matter what a client has been charged with. To learn what an attorney can do for your case, call and schedule a free consultation today.

A defense attorney does not actually have to prove that the accused is not guilty. Rather, the prosecutor is the one with the burden of proof, which means that the prosecutors are the ones who have to prove their case. It is really the defense’s role to just contest the charges that the prosecution throws at them and which is done by trying to cast reasonable doubt on each of the charges.

Building a Strong Defense Strategy

Building a strong legal defense strategy is very subjective and depends on the case at hand. The idea is to gather up all the facts and then present them in a way that is positive for the person facing charges. Good witnesses that can place the defendant elsewhere can help, in addition to anything that is indicative of them not being guilty or that can take the prosecution’s evidence and put it in such a way that it’s not exactly what the prosecution is trying to say it is.

What Factors Or Evidence Could Help Build A Strong Defense?

Any kind of evidence that helps the accused is going to go towards a strong defense. This can come in any kind of a variety of forms such as:

  • Testimony from witnesses that can say the defendant definitely did not do it because they were not even there, usually because they were with the witness.
  • Alternatively, someone who can say that they saw a different person commit the crime can cast doubt on the allegations.
  • Or, in terms of forensics, if the fingerprints come back and they don’t match the defendant’s fingerprints, then one can argue that it was not his weapon.

There’s so much available especially now with our technology that there’s a million types of factors and evidence that can go towards a strong defense.

Retaining Legal Counsel for Newport News Criminal Cases

A Newport News criminal lawyer can advocate for your rights in a criminal trial. By building a strong and effective defense strategy, your attorney can help bring you the best result possible from your specific case. An experienced lawyer can explain the specifics and details of the possible outcomes of your case, in addition to gathering evidence and building a defense strategy.

Furthermore, your criminal attorney can communicate with you regularly and update you on your case proceedings. For these reasons, if you are facing a criminal trial in court, consult with a Newport News criminal lawyer as soon as possible so they can begin helping you with all aspects of your case.

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