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Norfolk Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is located in the same building as the General District Court at 150, Saint Paul’s Boulevard in Downtown Norfolk. This is across the street from the MacArthur Shopping Center, and within walking distance from many shops, restaurants and businesses.

Being required to appear in court, regardless of the charge a person may be facing, can be a very harrowing experience. People are nervous and uncertain about what will happen. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer familiar with Norfolk procedure will provide a person with a human resource to ease their nerves. An attorney will be by a person’s side throughout the process.

Cases Prosecuted in Norfolk Circuit Court

Prosecutors treat the cases that appear in Circuit Courts much more seriously than they do in General District Court. Cases that appear in Circuit Court tend to be bigger deal cases and cases that have been appealed from the General District Courts or Circuit Court.

It is strongly advised that any person who knows they will need to make an appearance in Circuit Court prepare themselves by hiring an experienced Norfolk criminal attorney they trust to be by their side throughout the process.

Cases heard in Circuit Court include felony trials and misdemeanor appeals.

Etiquette Tips for Appearance in Norfolk Circuit Court

Some tips about etiquette for someone who is appearing in Circuit Court are to always address the judge as ‘Your Honor’ or as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ and to be concise when at the bench. There are a lot of people with cases to be heard, and the judge appreciates it when someone is conscious of their time as well as everyone else’s time.

Dress Code

The dress code is the same as that is for the General District Court, which is professional attire. The best thing is a suit but if you don’t have a suit then anything that comes close such as slacks and a buttoned down shirt for men or a business dress or pencil skirt for women.

Cell Phone Use

Unless a person is an attorney, they will not be allowed to bring their cell phone into court. In Circuit Court people are also not permitted to have cameras or other electronic items, weapons or food.

There are no lockers a person can use to check their belongings. A person will have to leave all their belongings in their vehicles before they enter the courthouse.

Common Mistakes People Make in Court

The mistakes that many people make when they appear in Norfolk Circuit Court are that they bring a lot of people or devices with them. There is not a lot of space inside the courthouse itself so if a person facing charges feels the need to bring people with them, they will often have to wait in the hallway.

Unless it is absolutely necessary it is just better to come with people that are actually required for the case, which would typically just be themselves and their Norfolk criminal defense attorney.

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