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Hiring a Norfolk Criminal Defense Lawyer

In Norfolk, you may contact an attorney before charges are officially filed. It is smart to contact an attorney early on so that you know what you are getting into and what you can expect. It is advisable to have somebody who can ensure that your rights are protected and who can prepare you for what may happen in the investigation.

If you are prepared by speaking to a Norfolk criminal lawyer, there is generally a better chance of you not getting yourself in trouble with any admissions of guilt or statements to law enforcement officials. It is better to prepare yourself from making these costly mistakes that could affect you later in your trial by having an attorney from the very beginning.

Value of Speaking to Norfolk Criminal Lawyer Before Being Charged

It is important to speak with counsel when contacted by Norfolk law enforcement officials even before you are charged. It would be very detrimental to your case should you unknowingly say the wrong things when you are called in and questioned.

You do not want to make any admissions before speaking with someone who knows what they are doing. You probably have the best intentions, but an attorney is going to understand the caveats of the law better than you, and it is valuable to use this to your advantage. You want to protect yourself and the best way to do this is by speaking with Norfolk criminal lawyer first.

Working With Private Law Office v. Public Defender

Whether you should work with a private law office in Norfolk as opposed to a public defender comes down to preference. The biggest difference between a private law office and a public defender is going to be in regards to how much time the attorney can dedicate to someone’s case.

Public defenders are amazing attorneys and generally do a great job. They also have hundreds of cases at any given time that need to be balanced and paid attention to, which means they don’t have as much time to dedicate to each individual case. A private Norfolk criminal defense lawyer is going to have fewer cases on their docket and as a result, can spend much more time on each individual client.

If you are the type of person who wants to be in regular contact with your attorney and may have multiple questions, then a private attorney is likely a better fit. Likewise, if you like to feel comforted throughout the process and not just on your court date. Most people find that private attorneys bring them more peace of mind. Especially for very complicated cases, it is better to have someone who is giving your case 100 percent of their attention.

Advantages of Working With Private Norfolk Criminal Lawyer

Private Norfolk criminal defense attorneys have more of an incentive to do well for their client. Their practices do well when the attorneys do well because their clients will be more likely to refer clients toWord of mouth is a powerful thing, and subsequently, a Norfolk criminal defense lawyer will dedicate a great amount of time to defending their clients. They also tend to be more accessible than public defenders, due to the simple fact that they do not need to jungle dozens of cases at one time.

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