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Norfolk General District Court

The General District Court in Norfolk is a limited jurisdiction trial court that hears civil cases involving amounts in controversy up to $25,000. The General District Court also conducts trials for traffic infractions and misdemeanor offenses. Someone who is facing a criminal charge should consult with an aggressive and experienced Norfolk defense attorney about how their case is likely to proceed at court.

The District Court is located at 150 Saint Paul’s Boulevard in the heart of Downtown Norfolk.

Prosecution of Norfolk Criminal Cases

Because cases that appear at General District Court are typically traffic infractions, misdemeanors and preliminary hearings for felony. There usually aren’t a lot of prosecutors involved in the General District Court. A lot of those cases are tried by the police officers involved. Prosecutors do treat the handful of cases that they are involved in very seriously.

Etiquette Tips for Appearance in General District Court

The General District Court is where most people who have no experience of the legal system are going to have their case heard. It is extremely busy and people should do everything possible to make sure that they do not delay their case any more than necessary.

Oftentimes people waste time going on tangents about irrelevant information when they get the opportunity to speak. If the judge or attorney wants more detail they will ask. People should answer the questions as needed and nothing more.

When a person’s case is called, they should not stall. Be ready to walk up to the bench immediately. A lot of times the judge will say a person’s name one time and if they do not appear he will immediately issue a warrant for the person’s arrest and move on to the next case.

Typically, a Norfolk criminal lawyer will advise clients to arrive around 15 minutes before their case is due to go to trial.

Dress Code

Dress code is professional attire. The best possible attire is a suit for both men and women. If someone doesn’t have a suit then anything that gets close is going to be fine. It is important to keep in mind that what a person wears is a reflection of them, and ultimately it is best to show respect toward the court.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed in court. Additionally, the courthouse prohibits anyone from bringing in cameras and other electronic devices as well as food and weapons.


Since the courthouse is located in Downtown Norfolk, there are a lot of parking decks around the courthouse that are available for anyone to park in. The best one is immediately across the street in the parking deck of the MacArthur Center. This one is the closest to the courthouse, and is also the cheapest.

There is a bus stop immediately in front of the courthouse and there is also a Tide Light Rail Station adjacent to the circuit and general district courts.

Dining Options Near Norfolk Courthouse

There are plenty of places within walking distance of the General District Court. The courthouse is located in downtown Norfolk where there are tons of restaurants and coffee shops on every block. There is also a mall directly across the street which has a food court.

Navigating the Courthouse

The Norfolk General District Court is also very easy to navigate. The courthouse is brand new and everything is labeled very clearly. It is extremely modern with signs everywhere and big screen TVs with all cases listed.

In cases where a person is anxious and nervous about confronting their first criminal case, it is helpful to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in Norfolk by your side. They will be familiar with the courthouse and can provide guidance if someone is having difficulty navigating the area.

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