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Arrest Process in Prince William County Drug Cases

Being arrested and accused of a drug crime can be an intimidating and oftentimes confusing process. With this in mind the following is what you can expect if you are taken into custody for a drug related offense in Prince William County. This includes where you will likely be taken and when you should consult with an attorney. To learn more or discuss your case specifically call and schedule a consultation with a Prince William County drug lawyer today.

Initial Arrest After A Drug Offense

When someone is arrested for a drug-related offense in Prince William County, first, they’re going to be taken to a police station or to the Prince William County Adult Detention Center. Usually by this time they and their belongings, and maybe even their vehicle, would have been searched. Often the police will be asking questions about contraband that they may have found in an effort to get the defendant to make statements which will incriminate them. The questioning can happen at the scene of the arrest, in the car on the way to the station, or even after booking. Of course, individuals should remember their right not to answer any questions and tell the police that they are remaining silent and want to talk to a lawyer.

Following The Initial Arrest

At some point following the arrest, the individual is going to be taken before a magistrate to determine whether any warrants will be issued which may be an addition to any summonses that the officer has already written. The magistrate judge will also make an initial determination as to whether the person will be admitted to bail depending on the seriousness of the charges and the individual’s criminal history.

Contacting An Attorney During The Arrest Process

There’s often no opportunity during the process of a drug-related arrest to contact an attorney, but it’s important to contact on as soon as possible afterwards. Sometimes this can be done from the jail or over the telephone.

Can You Contact an Attorney on Behalf of Someone Who Was Arrested?

Often the accused is still in the process of booking or is being held in jail when friends or loved ones reach out to an attorney for help. An experienced attorney will know how to visit the accused in jail, can assist them in getting admitted to bail, and can advise them from the start as to what they should be doing or not doing.

One of the kindest things the accused’s family and friends can do for them is assist in finding competent counsel to help them and aggressively represent them from the very beginning.

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