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Prince William County Drug Defense

If a person thinks that he or she is under investigation, even before there are any charges brought against a person, they should call an attorney immediately.

If the police are snooping around, going to charge him or her with a crime, asking the person any questions about drugs, it is not worth it to wait. A Prince William drug attorney will be to help a person mitigate the damage by reducing the chance that they are going to be able to bring charges against a person.

Do not wait to call an attorney if you are facing drug charges. An attorney will be your side from the beginning to make sure every drug defense in Prince William County possible is available to you.

Constitutional Issues

Constitutional concerns that may be of use when constructing a Prince William County drug defense are Fourth Amendment protection offered to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and the Sixth Amendment, which deal with due process rights.

These situations tend to occur most often when police search a person without having the proper constitutional authority or when they stop a person they did not have a reason to stop.

Additionally, if a person is going through the criminal process and is not able to have the drugs in question tested, that can be relevant, but it is often problematic when building a drug defense in Prince William County.

There can be many other ways that a person’s constitutional rights can be violated. The aforementioned are the usual focus for attorneys because they are more common in drug cases than they are in other cases.

Law Enforcement Mistakes

Law enforcement officers can make many mistakes when issuing a drug charge. They could violate a person’s Constitutional rights by unlawfully searching a person, seizing the person, or stopping the person.

They can question them without having properly Mirandized them if they are in custody at the time.  They could put the person under custody, even if the person should not be. They could make a lot of technical Constitutional mistakes.

In addition, there is the initial problem of whether the officers were correct from the beginning. Did they smell the right drug? Were they able to specifically identify the right drug? Did they see it? Did they touch it? Were they able to identify it based on their training and experience? Did they use their field test correctly?

It will depend on the facts of a person’s case, but the potential for officer mistakes is a large range. Attorneys have to be vigilant on all of the different ways that officers could make errors and how attorneys and their clients can use that when building a drug defense in Prince William County.

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