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Diversion Programs and Probation in Prince William Drug Cases

Although drug cases are taken very seriously in Prince William County, in certain cases those convicted may be able to forgo jail time and instead serve probation or in a diversion program. Below a Prince William County drug lawyer discusses these programs as well as other alternative sentencing methods and when they are applied in Prince William County. To learn more about drug charges and sentencing methods, or to discuss the specifics of your case, schedule a free consultation with an attorney today.

A drug lawyer in Prince William County can look at the facts of your case and advise you on what penalties you are likely to face. Call today or read below to learn more.

First Offender Programs in Prince William County

Although pretrial drug diversion programs aren’t available in Prince William County, there are a number of diversion or first offender programs that are available, if the individual qualifies. For example, if a person is charged with a misdemeanor offense of possession of marijuana and has never had a drug charge before, then they can enter into a first offender program. This program is going to involve the following:

  • Being on probation
  • Receiving treatment if probation recommends it
  • Paying a fine
  • Doing some community service
  • Losing their license for a period of time

If they comply with their probation and all of the terms and conditions that are set forth by the court, then the possession charge will typically be dismissed twelve months later.

For those who have been charged with a felony offense for drug cases, they can also use a first offender or deferred disposition program to be placed on probation for a year, pay their fine, do community service and do any treatment that probation recommends. If they comply with all of those things, the court has the power to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor charge.

Pre-Trial Programs For Prince William County Drug Cases

There are a number of things a person can do to help themselves when they are charged with drug-related offenses before their trial, such as enrolling in drug treatment programs, drug education programs, and other similar programs.

Generally, if a person appears to have a drug problem of some kind, they can help their case by showing the prosecution, as well as the judge, that they are being proactive in attempting to address their substance abuse related issues before their case is heard in court. This can be everything from simply attending AA meetings or other weekly help groups for individuals with drug problems to in-patient treatment that can be a ten to twelve-week program. Participating in these pre-trial programs can often result in either leniency in sentencing or a reduction of their charge.

There are no particular rules or regulations in Prince William County for pre-trial programs because there simply are no official ones. But again, the rules and regulations of the various programs that a person can voluntarily place themselves into will be specific to that program.

Generally speaking, the more strict the programs are, the more times a person has to check in, give urine screenings, and attend meetings. This could more likely create a favorable outcome for the individual’s case.

Retaining Counsel for Drug Cases in Prince William County

Speaking to an experienced drug defense attorney in Prince William County is very important in this regard because they will know what sorts of programs are available to you and which ones are recognized and respected by the prosecutors and the court. Your attorney will also be familiar with which programs are more likely to produce a more favorable legal outcome at the end of the day.

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