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Embezzlement can be a difficult charge to mitigate because the matters that need to be proved are very specific. It is hard enough for somebody to explain a series of events in a way that could show the accused was actually acting in good faith to just one person. When explaining this to a jury, the task becomes twice as difficult.

The accused will want help from a qualified criminal attorney who is comfortable with the material, and able to present their case to the jury in a very convincing way. Retain the services of an experienced Prince William County embezzlement lawyer that could help you make well-informed decisions regarding your case.

Embezzlement Law

Embezzlement is a type of fraud that can be defined as misappropriating or misusing funds or using funds without permission. The consequences for this crime will depend heavily on the amount of money embezzled, and what the actual actions of the accused were.

Misdemeanor v.s. Felony Consequences

If the accused receives a misdemeanor charge, they would only be facing a conviction. However, after three or more misdemeanors occur or if over $200 has been misused, the charge becomes a felony offense and the consequences can be much more serious.

If an individual is convicted of a felony offense, they will lose the right to vote and the right to bear arms within the state of Virginia and could serve up to five years in jail. It is likely that they would also lose their job depending on their line of work and the circumstances of their case.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Embezzlement

An egregiously common misconception regarding embezzlement is that it is not seen as that big of a deal if a small amount of money was misused. Many individuals genuinely believe they can convince the court to dismiss their case because it could all be seen as a misunderstanding. Know that even if an individual borrows a very small amount money without telling anyone and then puts it back later, that act will still merit an embezzlement charge. A Prince William County embezzlement lawyer could clarify misconceptions and answer any questions individuals may have about a case.

Evidence Necessary to Compile an Embezzlement Defense Case

All types of financial documents are going to be important in an embezzlement case, as well as timelines detailing the extent to which the accused was in charge of certain amounts of money.

Other significant facts include the responsibilities that entail being a part of the accused’s employment, as well as what actions they are allowed to take under their employment versus what actions they took separately.

Speaking to a Prince William County Embezzlement Attorney

If you are facing embezzlement charges, know that the best time to contact a dedicated Prince William County embezzlement lawyer is as soon as possible. If you have been contacted by either a detective or your employer regarding monetary discrepancies, you should strongly consider reaching out to a lawyer in order to be fully prepared on how to best present your case to the court. You do not have to face these charges alone and deserve to be properly represented with an expert defense and aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

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