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Prince William County Courts and Prosecutors

The most unique thing about defending criminal cases in Prince William County Courts, and this is true of almost any court in the Commonwealth, are the personalities that are involved.

Prince William County Courts have various judges, various prosecutors, and a large number of police officers. The personalities of the individuals involved, their particular approaches to things, and their beliefs on certain issues, all are matters which can potentially impact the outcome of a criminal case. Having a Prince William criminal attorney who has familiarity with the individuals makes a big difference in maximizing the chances of the best possible legal outcome in any given case.

How Cases Are Handled

Every court has a different way of running their docket. Procedural matters can make a big difference in a case and Prince William County like any other county has specific procedures for different kinds of charges, for different kinds of cases, and for matters that are brought in different kinds of Courts.

Having a lawyer who is experienced in knowing what these policies and procedures are, certainly gives a person an advantage and a leg up in their case.

Focus of Enforcement

There are a number of charges in Prince William County the prosecutors are trying to crack down on and prosecute. These include DUI and DWI. There’s always a concern about alcohol-related defenses particularly if they relate to or take place in the operation of motor vehicles.

Prosecutors are cracking down on, and are concerned with, drug crimes. Everything from more serious and more hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, all the way to things like marijuana which, while it has become legal in nearby jurisdictions and in many places in the country, still remains very much illegal in Virginia and is treated as a serious matter in the Commonwealth.

And increasingly, there are a large number of child pornography cases being brought and prosecuted extremely firmly.

Charges Taken Most Seriously

Prince William County Courts take every criminal charge seriously. Everything from a serious felony that may cause a person to be incarcerated for a lengthy period of time all the way down to a class 1 misdemeanor which may involve a small amount of jail time or no jail time at all.

Every case, every criminal charge in Prince William County, is treated seriously by the prosecutor, by the police, by the judge, and this is one reason why it is critical that has one an experienced and confident counsel on their side who can meet that challenge and treat the issues just as seriously.

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